Who Are the People of the U.N.I.O.N.? 

UNION subscribers are mainstream citizens and organization directors.

There are 47 mainstream media journalists and publishers who are subscribed in order to find out what is really going on behind the walls, from the largest media in California.

Director B. Cayenne Bird has been a California journalist/publisher for 37 years. She is the VOLUNTEER DIRECTOR, as no one in the UNION draws a salary for our important work.

There are 6,000 humanitarians who subscribe to the newsletter to learn how, when, where to rally, write, vote together to end injustice, oppression and neglect in California's prisons, jails and juvenile halls.

Our book authors are featured at:    Authors

The UNION is a comunications system between human rights activists, families of prisoners, legislators and others who want better solutions to crime through healing, prevention, rehabilitation and education. Here are some of the people who tune in and read the newsletter daily.

Two Reporters from San Jose Mercury News

One Reporter from the Bakersfield Californian

Five Reporters and editors from The Vacaville Reporter

One Reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle

Three Reporters from the Sacramento Bee

The editor of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper

The Family of Daniel Provencio, shot by a Wasco Guard

Joe and Alexis Durango, San Bruno, retired

Nora Weber, Bakersfield, retired insurance agent

Peggy Petty, social worker

The Family of Edward Rister, brain-dead inmate that has cost $l.5 million to the taxpayers and still cannot get a compassionate release

The Family of Anthony Brown, murdered at CDC under a spitmask

Mary Charlotte White, retired teacher and school administrator

Rev. Andre Shumake
Richmond Improvement Association

Rev. Charles Newsome
First Baptist Missionary Church

Michael Ali
Radio Personality, Activist

Mary Revels
Adult Education Teacher
San  Diego

Clarice Nicholas, RN
San Diego

Beverly Bittner
Mother of Deceased  Inmate
Donald Swisher
Plantiff in medical neglect lawsuit against California Medical Facility, Vacaville

Judy Ansen
School Teacher, San Diego

Russ Ansen

Alan Elsner,
Reuters National Correspondent
Author of "Gates of Injustice"
then link to our Author's page

Christine Hosky
Film Maker

San Francisco Chronicle
Three Reporters

Fresno Bee
Three Reporters

Associated Press
Three Reporters

Riverside Press Enterprise
One Reporter

Janice Gaylord
Caregiver/Moratorium on Death Penalty Activist

Harvey and Lettie Bakington

Dharma Bakington
Administrative Assistant

Gina Duboisky
School Teacher
San Diego

Miriam Clarkston
School Teacher

Jeri Crum
Social Worker
Long Beach

Ron Peterson
Film Editor

J. R. Pearson,  R.M.A.
Author of "Jailhouse Crock"   and  a link to our Authors page

Deborah Brine
Placerville, CA.

Shelli Matthews
Dental  Assistant

Elaine Wang, Business Owner
Los Angeles,  CA

Jeri Crum, NAMI, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Social Worker

Ron Branson, Director
Jail for Judges

Astraea Kelley,  Respiratory Therapist
Health Care Workers  Union Steward
KPFA Intern

Susan Randall
Union Database Coordinator

Lenora Bullock

Jo Ann Fawcett Richards
Publisher of Ecobyte News and Nova Albion magazine

Dr. Alan Liu, Optometrist

Herminio Florez, Phd.

Ron Kincaid,
Medical Sales

Beverly Blumgart
Educator, Orange County

Debi Scottingham

Sister Josie Gonzales, Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese

Women, Wives, Mothers of Incarcerated, W.W.M.O.T.I. Christian Church affiliations

Deborah S., employee of the Pennysaver

Sarah Chappell, substance abuse counselor

David Loftow, our director's high school government teacher class of 1968, now a businessman near Washington D.C.

Diane Hardie, mother of Stephanie Hardie who was murdered by medical neglect at Chowchilla Women's Prison

Mr. and Mrs. Chamb, San Diego,

Jamilah, Student, Sacramento

Criminal justice students from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Sandra Forbes, retired school teacher and administrator, Los Angeles

Frank Courser., Grocery Store Manager

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Driscoll, Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese Detention Ministry
Los Angeles, Ca

Mardele Duarte, Love Ministries
San Ramon

Law Offices of Robert Bastian and Marina Dini
Century City

Jimnlyn, James & Lynda

Charles Wesley, Los Angeles

Dori Woodmore, Vacaville

Dr. Patricia Overton, Los Angeles

Delores Mallory, Placentia

Associated Press, three reporters

Lawrence Tipston, Glendora

Anla Truman, Oregon

Donald and Gloria Molina, San Luis Obispo,

Anna Charles, Ione

Carrie and James Rookwood, Vallejo

Deanne Fitzpatrick, Chino


Deborah Jiminez, Author, Santa Rosa

Madelene Hunter, Foster Child Care Advocate, Palm Springs

Diedre Hall, Paralegal, Modesto

John Videen, Medical Doctor and Research Professor at UCSD

Bobby S., Anti-death penalty advocate, San Jose

Capital Public Radio, Sacramento

Roseann R, Administrative Assistant, San Jose

Jesse B., retired organizer, disabled vet, Bakersfield

Rose Mary B., Social Worker, San Diego

Editorial Board of the Los Angeles Times

Lee B., Labor union organizer, Los Angeles

Orange County Register Editorial Board

Columnist Jerry Baker, Sacramento

Dr. William Chambliss, George Washington University, Head of the Sociology Department and past president of American Criminology Society, Author of 15 books on crime.

Linda C., Accountant, Virginia

Janice Crumley, Researcher, Webmistress, Shingletown

Lonnie DeWitt, Author of In the Car. former parole officer, Sacramento who was fired for speaking out on behalf of inmates

Editorial Board of Justice Denied Magazine

Susan D., Graphic Artist, San Luis Obispo

Margie Jump, Mother of James Diesso, Arizona

Katy Farnham., Health care executive, Sacramento

Donna Hildebrand., Information Systems, San  Diego

Beverly Jacobs, School Teacher, Pasadena

Doret Kollerer, The Justice Express, Magazine Publisher, Occidental

Noa Kleinmann, Amnesty International, United Kingdom

Editorial Board of Orange County Weekly Newspaper

Michael Steindel, Artist, Long Beach

Emily Knox Taylor, Bakersfield

Judy Rein,  Construction Accountant, Santa Monica

Jan Rockwell, Administrator, Santa Barbara

Bob and Marlene Suttles, Retail business owners, Northern California

Janet Dempsey., Catholic School Teacher, Sacramento

Dan Terwilliger, Hospital Administrator, Brea

Patsy Rollins, Registered Nurse, Fresno

Stephanie Jacobs., Social Worker, Sacramento

Brenda L, Clerk, Long Beach

Debbie Upton, Retail Sales, Oakland

Don and Dorothy Ward, owners of Engineering Firm, Tehachapi

Julia Valencia, office manager, Palmdale, CA

John Johnson, Editor and Publisher of Change Links Community Newspaper, Los Angeles

Gina Barclay., Christian Ministries, Westminster

Pat Skowel., Mary Kay Distributor, Sacramento

Hazel Turner, Administration, Napa

Ramona Ramizez, makes and sells tamales to help the UNION pay for printing and postage, Fresno

Silverfawn Kitt, book author, tribal representative, Lake Isabella

Jackie Montez, Teacher, Anaheim

Lisa Galindo, secretary, Lodi

Marilyn Bustamante,
Orange County

There are seven criminal attorneys who are members of the UNION

There are 38 churches including Church of Christ, six Baptist churches, four Catholic Churches, two Methodist Churches, a Synagogue, Buddhist order and several American Indian tribes

Red and yellow, black and white, we have all come together and formed the UNION.

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