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Feel Powerless? Overwhelmed?
What are you doing about it? There is a solution but it's up to YOU to cooperate/participate.
U.N.I.O.N. United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect since 1998

We are an interactive newsletter communication system that teaches you how, when, where to work for reform of the laws and better conditions for prisoners. We focus on prevention of crime through education, rehab, support of our youth and many smart-on-crime approaches. Groups who are profit off the human bondage industry control the state. With the more than 3 million potential voters related to a state inmate we can make even more wide changes by organizing. Power of numbers moving together is the only way to change laws, better conditions.

  • There are better solutions to prevent crime that are more healing to society. You are needed to help make changes!
  • Help us vote out bad laws and bad politicians, and vote in good ones  
  • Write letters to media, post comments at the news sites. You will learn the issues. 
  • Support Lawsuits. We can do more when many share the load.
  • Bring LARGE crowds to protest. Our goal is to find and train 6500 WORKERS so that we can change any law by doing initiatives. Less than than 6500 trained workers cannot meet the 150 day deadlines. You will learn about this process.
  • The Prison Cap will need attendance at hearings and short letters to editors written, five to seven sentences. Almost every issue is related to the Prison Cap - Medical Neglect, SHU, abuse of the mentally ill, sentencing laws including Prop 83, Three Strikes, Mandatory Minimums, Parole, Overcrowding, AB 900. For those with harsher sentences, initiatives and electing the right people to office will be necessary. This requires thousands of people writing, protesting and voting together in the UNION network.
  • You will get a Call to Action via the online newsletter. Write a letter to an editor, attend a protest or vote. Legislators and media only respond to LARGE crowds and LARGE groups. If you object to injustice, it's up to YOU to fight back. We alert you how, when and where. Silence and inaction are consent to injustice. Get a pen name and help us fight back. 

    ***UNION families have filed 27 lawsuits for wrongful deaths, we need people to help by attending the trials at various courtrooms statewide***Our seven year campaign to end medical neglect helped to win the federal takeover of the medical system***Our ten year campaign resulted in the signing of AB 1539 for the compassionate release of certain prisoners***Our 54 journalists who work inside the media filled California news with the truth about injustice of the California Criminal Justice System. Before we existed, there was little press coverage of prison issues***We alert you of the legislative hearings so that you may attend and stand up for inmates and their issues. For many years we were often the only voice for prisoners***We accomplished media campaigns on mistreatment of the mentally ill inside prisons and are now working to get them completely out from under the jurisdiction of CDC and DMH into hospitals***Our families held major pickets at Lancaster and Salinas Valley Prisons over visiting problems, medical neglect and suspicious deaths***We won the parole of Danny Provencio when he was shot by a guard at Wasco  bringing international press coverage to the maltreatment of his family***We publish a daily online newsletter to keep media/families informed because media is banned from prisons. *** UNIONfamilies do not just pass email, we do campaigns when the funds and volunteers are available. Nobody in the UNIONhas ever received a salary but we are always short funds and volunteers, just like every other group in Ca. The war is in Sacramentoand the laws must be changed there before individual cases can receive justice or conditions can improve. The more workers we have, the more we can achieve. Please subscribe to our newsletter network. Nobody can do your family's share of the work.
    Director Rev. B. Cayenne Bird, P.O. Box 340371, Sacramento, Ca. 95834-0371
    Families may subscribe to the online newsletter which comes out daily with ways to fight back