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U.N.I.O.N. Position on 2004 Bills
AB 46 Controlled substances: Ecstasy (MDMA, XTC). Assembly Member Walters
AB 77 Department of Corrections: pilot projects: health care to inmates. Assembly Member Frommer
AB 91 Resisting arrest. Assembly Member Bogh
AB 102 Parole: High-risk sex offenders.  Chaptered by Secretary of State, Chapter 55, Statutes of 2005 Assembly Member  Cohn
AB 113 Parole placement. Assembly Member Cohn
AB 114 Child abuse: evidence. Assembly Member Alquist
AB 125 Controlled substances: cocaine penalties. Assembly Member Dymally
AB 161 Prisoners: clergy. UNION SUPPORTS Assembly Member Vargas
AB 212 Prisons:  Family Visits
In committee:  Set, first hearing.  Failed passage.
U.N.I.O.N. Opposes
Assembly Member Devore
AB 220 Committee on Public Safety.   Domestic violence. Assembly Member Leno
AB 221 Violent sexual felonies: early release credits. Assembly Member Bogh
AB 240 Sex offenders: schools. Assembly Member Bermundez
AB 272 Peace officers: county custodial officers. Assembly Member Matthews
AB 275 Drug Dealer Liability Act: civil liability: manufacture. Assembly Member Baca
AB 281 Child pornography. Assembly Member Liu
AB 282 Sexually explicit material. Assembly Member Benoit
AB 296 Hepatitis C. Assembly Member Negrete McLeod
AB 299 Juvenile case files. Assembly Member Maze
AB 305 Vehicles: police vehicle pursuit: punishment.
Hearing postponed by committee.
Assembly Member Mountjoy
AB 314 Department of the Youth Authority. Assembly Member Parra
AB 324 Correctional facilities: clergy access. Assembly Member Mountjoy
AB 231 Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act Assembly Member Runner
AB 332 Arrests: policy: immigration. Assembly Member Bogh
AB 335 Crime: bail. Assembly Member Walters
AB 437 Offenders: Megan's Law: convictions. Assembly Member Parra
AB 438 Amend Section 290.46 of the Penal Code, relating to sex offenders. Assembly Member Parra
AB 454 Alcoholic beverages: underage drinking.
U.N.I.O.N. Opposes
Assembly Member Runner
AB 478 Female Inmates: Prisoners "shall not be shackled by the wrists, ankles, or both during labor, including during transport to the hospital, during delivery, and while in recovery after giving birth." 
Sent to Senate.
Assembly Member Lieber
AB 505 Prisoners. Parole Discharge after one year
HEARING DATE :  04/05/2005
Assembly Member Leno
AB 677 Sentencing: three strikes: solicitation of murder. 
HEARING DATE :  04/05/2005
Assembly Member Parra
AB 1237 Tasers Assembly Member Leno
SB 261 Sex offenders: statute of limitations. Senator Speier
SB 294 Automatic appeals: waiver of right. Senator Morrow
SB 378 Death penalty appeals: appointment of counsel. Senator Morrow
SB 588 Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act Senator Runner
SB 616 Inmate health care. Senator Speier
SB 617 Women prisoners: Dignity Standards for Women in Prison Task Force. Senator Speier
SB 618 Sentencing: mandatory programs. Senator Speier
SB 619 Electronic monitoring of offenders. Senator Speier
SB 620 Youth and adult facilities: random testing and searches. Senator Speier
SB 622 Correctional facilities: charter schools. Senator Speier
SB 632 Registered sex offenders: reducing recidivism. Senator Chu
SB 718 High-speed pursuits: statewide policy. Senator Aanestad
SB 722 Sexually Violent Predators Senator Dunham
SB 737 Corrections.
HEARING DATE :  04/05/2005
Senator Romero
SB 864 Sexually violent predators: term of commitment. Senator Poochigian
S. 2735 "Gang Prevention and Effective Deterrence Act"  U.N.I.O.N. Opposes Senator Feinstein and Senator Hatch

U.N.I.O.N. Position on 2004 Bills

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