U.N.I.O.N. Awards - 2004

B. Cayenne Bird, U.N.I.O.N. Director

I compiled approximately 500 newsletters for you this year so that you could spend ten minutes
a week writing a simple ten sentence letter to the editor. 

Why would I donate at least 2000 hours of my time in order to get you to donate 520 minutes a year writing to the media?

Because they are banned from prisons and what goes on in the darkness is deadly. We have 52 of California's best journalist who read the UNION Daily Newsletter almost each day
monitoring what you report into me from the prisons. We are the watch dogs, the guardian angels of all inmates.  We certainly do not catch everything as our network needs to be much larger and much more active.

Each time than an inmate dies or there is a riot and it gets past the media, CDC is empowered to commit even more murders and abuses.

Another reason I send you the issues is so that you an speak and write on all the prison topics when you are out at the prisons recruiting new UNION workers.  It is so your writing will have depth and you will be able to fight back for yourself and others.

Public information is key to prison reform and it's everyone's job to report the inhumanity to the other voters who are paying for this mess.

We did one campaign after another this year, five events, inspired four lawsuits for medical neglect and murder by pepper spray, one big rally and hundreds of letters to editors were published.

We applied pressure on wardens at prisons statewide including Norco for H-Pylori outbreak, Lancaster for multiple deaths and abuses, Salinas Valley for poison water, High Desert for a cruel lockdown, and many others where members were willing to work on campaigns.

We supported and opposed bills through our rally and letters to the editors - it was a really busy year.

We had very little money to work with but by the grace of God and few good volunteers bled to death we were able to make it all happen.

I prayed for my individual strength on Jan 1, 2004 and our collective strength and we were blessed.

Nearly 500 times I gave you a number of opportunities to use your pen, the mightiest of all weapons to stand up for yourself and others. 

The people who were most responsive to these appeals were: Beverly Bittner, mother of Donald Swisher, who died needlessly of Medical Neglect in April 2004 at CMF Vacaville.  She writes five or six letters to editors each day.

Her mother worked for the Antioch News and was a journalist who passed away years ago.  But Beverly learned from her that public education is the ONLY way to reform.  It is noble to fight for others when your own son is dead. 

Very noble indeed and she has opened up her life and contacted at least 100 journalists in California and across America to alert them to the many deaths we have had of young inmates in these bloodhouses.

Beverly has flown out twice for our press conferences from Indiana and always sends someone if she can't make it herself.  This is dedication people and a key part of our being able to properly organize  is showing crowds and support.  Beverly delivers even though she often approaches strangers to be there for her.

She has battled guards and idiots in PTO bringing the UNION message, mailed in newsletters to inmates, recruited a number of new workers and all of this AFTER her own son died this year.

It is for these reasons and more that we have reviewed the track records of those whose subscriptions are paid (non subscribers are ineligible for this competition) who did this work:

1.  Wrote the most letters to editors

2.  Showed up to all or most of the five events we held this year.

3.  Recruited the most new workers

4.  Got out the vote during election time.

Now here is an interesting twist to this  year's recognition.

Beverly made a new friend in California this year who is a long time UNION worker whom we have all grown to love.

That would be Lettie Bakington who is a cornerstone of all our work.

She sends in  newsletters to inmates statewide, gives lodging to UNION people sometimes even when they haven't been that helpful with the work, attends everything and spent hundreds of hours on our television show.

So there is only one fair decision to make and that is that we name TWO outstanding UNION members for 2004.

Beverly Bittner and Lettie Bakington

We should not forget the other outstanding UNION subscribers who should also be recognized!

The Law Firm of Ravis and Martin and Attorney Mark Ravis who filed four wrongful death lawsuits and spoke out to the media on  our behalf.  Lawsuits and Initiative Campaigns are the ONLY language besides adverse publicity that CDC and the clueless legislators will ever recognize. 

These lawsuits give us real teeth, no longer just words but  actions that could possibly result in reform.  Medical Neglect and Abuse by Pepper Spray are serious problems that threaten the lives of every California inmate. 

And a challenge to the unlawful changes in the packages rules is in progress right now. 
How can we ever recognize and thank attorneys Mark Ravis, David Martin and Jorge Reyes enough?  By showing up to these hearings and writing letters to the editors at each leg of the fight, that's how.

Janice Crumley, devoted Web Mistress spends hundreds of hours maintaining our UNION website and has since 1999.  A former legal secretary and journalist, she donates all this time and has no one in prison.  She also maintains Eric's website which details the abuses he has received simply because we are organizing a voice for prisoners and he is my son, and because he files complaints.

Susan Randall, Database Coordinator, Record Keeper and Sgt. of Arms keeps everyone honest.  If not for Susan, we'd never be able to get people to focus on two or three campaigns at a time so that things can get done right.  Organizing families of prisoners is akin to herding cats and it is almost impossible to get anything done when people want to go off on this tangent and that...Susan keeps us all honest and writing letters to editors, building our war chest (which is empty after all the campaigns we've done this year)

Susan has a tough job and no one sees the hundreds of hours she spends backing me up, answering inmate mail, responding to journalists who want this documentation and that...tons of work is done by Susan for no pay.

Self responsibility would be the best route for everyone to honor the UNION commitment letter and I hope we achieve that in 2005.  We are only as strong as the NUMBER of people who write to editors, show up when called, recruit new workers and get out the vote.  Susan keeps everyone active with us or she kicks them out. This is sometimes necessary.  I hate asking people to help 500 times and have them just sitting back waiting for these backbreaking projects to get done without their help.

Attorney Robert Bastian courageously wrote to judges and other lawyers on a number of topics in 2004 and was published many times in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.  He tells every one of the UNION and is a great supporter and has been for many years.  Thank you Rob!

Judy Anders is our star recruiter for 2004, bringing in at least ten new members (maybe more) one of them a member of the clergy for the Seventh Day Adventist Church who attended the Anthony Brown press conference and has vowed to help bring people to all our events.  Judy brought in teachers, nurses, others with a loved one in prison and they are learning how to write, recruit, show up and get out the vote. 

 She is married to a very famous journalist who will hopefully be doing more writing this year.  We need this level of talent in Sacramento as conditions get worse and worse and not everyone knows how to write and speak.  Judy works a full time job and visits her son every week end, she always has UNION flyers and attended almost all events and rallies this year.  An inspiration to us all, let us recognize Judy as one of the outstanding UNION people of the year.

Beverly Bloomington is the daughter of a former Teamster President and has made a tremendous impact this year.  She has stood in the dark, in the cold recruiting families to help with our campaigns almost every week-end for months.  She has donated money for flyers, stamps, equipment rental at our rally, she brought two carloads to events, and has a wonderful attitude.

She and Sarah organized a rebellion at one of the prisons when  the warden was going to eliminate visits and collected 250 signatures and put a stop to it.  This empowers the others to see what doing things in mass can  produce. 

She lives in Orange County and has suffered a great deal with her own loved one being in ad seg this  year for no reason, getting transferred, and the ignorance and apathy she encounters week after week to build our UNION corps of workers.

But she knows that organizing is necessary and that none of us will see justice in our cases, nor will conditions improve until we achieve our 6500 workers so she is relentless.
She never rests.  Her attitude is wonderful and Beverly Bloomington is one of the best volunteers we have, she has stood up to the bullies and idiots in PTO and is a fine example of goodness and grace.

Infectious is the word!

She never comes alone to events but always promotes and reaches out, which is vital!
Beverly Bloomington, put it together for her work on the behalf of everyone because she has definitely made a difference for you!  Her kind of fortitude and endurance embodies the fighting spirit and inspires us all....including me!

I have had some very rough moments this year and Beverly Bloomington has been a force that keeps me motivated. 

Susan Luteski is in the background and another prolific UNION subscribers.  She writes several letters to editors per day usually and fights in PTO against the ignorance and apathy, stands up against the guards and CDC agents who try and stop our UNION organizing.
She attended all the rallies and press conferences except one and sent a stranger there to represent her.  She lives up near the Oregon border so this is a real sacrifice of time, gas  and yet she still delivers.

Susan is very talented although she never wrote letters to editors before, she really has a knack for it and has been published now. She mails in the newsletters to inmates and distributed flyers for the press conference coming this Friday at prisons statewide. 

Susan is is a new UNION member this year but she has done a better job than many of our old timers and deserves a huge round of applause and recognition.

My daughter Malyssa and daughter in law Natalie, without whom I would be unable to be the UNION director at all.  My family has paid dearly for our work to organize and while they wish you would all hurry the hell up and achieve our goal of 6500 workers, they are important back up in every way.

Thank you girls for living without a mother and grandmother so that I can work on this mission.

Hopefully we'll make it in 2005.  I have committed to October as the deadline which means that a lot of people had better get recruiting!

A few have sacrificed in many ways to make the UNION voice possible which isn't fair.  And it isn't smart to break the backs of a few while others just go on about their lives and wait for it to get done.

My girls have sacrificed a great deal, as well as  my son Eric and I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank them for their strength, forbearance and ability to earn a living with no help from their mom.

Special mention for many Letters to Editors written & Published
Shirley Weatherwax

Rosemary Carigol

Bob Driscoll

Cheryl Knutson - relative new member but really turning out letters to editors. I anticipate she is going to be one of our outstanding UNION people in 2005.

Special Mention for Extra Projects

The family of Anthony Shumake attended several press conferences to back up our UNION organizing even though in grief for his needless death by medical neglect.

The family of Ersel Ware attended several press conferences as well, even during a
period of grief after his death.

Dr. Sarah Chappell, Prepared an extensive legal packages challenge
and was published several times

Sandy Forbes, mails into inmates and backs me up - we could never have found Anthony Brown without her paying for the background report.

Nielly Manci has been a fierce PTO warrior, being kicked out several times, brought people
to our press conference and is getting warmed up for more action this coming year.

All those who spoke at our rallies and press conferences, we thank you!

The UNION commitment letter upon which our awards are based is located here.  You must be a paid, active subscriber to be considered. It is an annual tradition. 


Separate from our annual members of the year recognition, We would like to recognize the outstanding journalists of 2004. 

As with our member of the year, we could not settle on just one, so we are naming TWO for the top recognition.

Don Thompson of Associated Press


Kimberly Fu of the Vacaville Reporter

Their press coverage was important and they did an incredible job, keeping many facts straight.
for outstanding coverage of our work and prison issues all year long.

We would also like to recognize and thank for outstanding news work of issues important to prisoners and their families, as well as the taxpayers

Mark Gladstone of the San Jose Mercury News

Andrew LaMar of the San Jose Mercury News

Steve Smith of the Stockton Record

Pablo  Lopez of the Fresno Bee

We cannot recognize everyone but these are the people who are at the top  of the list.

Our television editor Ron Petersen deserves a huge round of applause for all the work he has done this year and will do next year. Producing that television show is a lot of work and very expensive and we can't do more shows until we raise some money.  None of it would have been possible without Ron who has no one in prison. 

My prayer this year is for VICTORY - in all of our lawsuits and raising money to do more campaigns and more television shows. 

I am also praying that we reach our goal of 6500 workers so that the UNION will go on past October, which is the deadline I am giving everyone to get the recruiting done.

I will need to see a broader base of active writing, picketing members before I initiative a visiting
lawsuit but I'd love to be able to do that.  It's up to you, each of you, what will be possible in 2005.

We need 100 people to go to the legislature this year to stand up for inmates and their families as I am expecting hell to rain down on us from the Republican politicians who are high on themselves after the election of Bush and the lies Schwarzenegger told about three strikes.

One of our goals must be to organize to keep him from getting elected in 2006 because we aren't going to see serious reform with him as governor except by lawsuits and initiative campaigns which requires NUMBERS  of organized workers to FORCE.

All best,

B. Cayenne Bird

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 211 Some real life emergencies & how they relate to the bills  Bird  Wed 5/26/2004 

 212 Secret Bill to reinstate the draft/families sound off  Bird  Wed 5/26/2004

213 DNA Frauds Abound/Poetry a Crime/HIV settlement  Bird  Fri 5/28/2004

214 Welcome NAMI/Abuse from Sea to Shining Sea  Bird  Sat 5/29/2004 

215 Courts Show Deliberate Indifference to Violence  Bird  Sat 5/29/2004 

216 Gov. Speaks/Verichips/Judge Charged  Bird  Sun 5/30/2004 

217 Judge Gray/3X/Fingerprints can lie  Bird  Mon 5/31/2004 

218 Sh*t storms are fertilizer for growth & education  Bird  Tue 6/1/2004 

 219 LAO Report/Strip Search at SVSP/Med Neglect  Bird  Tue 6/1/2004 

220 Free Speech Lockdown/;US Torture in Prisons at Home  Bird  Thu 6/3/2004 

221 Dead Inmate/Innovations on Parole  Bird  Thu 6/3/2004 

222 Criminalizing mentally & physically ill & advocates  Bird  Fri 6/4/2004 

223 mail/dna test/outrageous news  Bird  Sat 6/5/2004 

224 Bully guards take on Gov/mothers need help  Bird  Sun 6/6/2004 

225 Med. emergency ignored/Innocence Project loses funding  Bird  Tue 6/8/2004

226 $15 mil Strip search settlement/Supreme Court Ruling  Bird  Tue 6/8/2004

227 Reagan hypocrisy/things you need to do/drug war a failure  Bird  Tue 6/8/2004 

228 Our TV show online starts today! Pasadena Ch 56 online  Bird  Wed 6/9/2004

229 Revised Schedule/Press Advisory guard injured  Bird  Wed 6/9/2004 

230 A few important announcements  Bird  Fri 6/11/2004 

231 Elsner's book is about us/Privacy laws  Bird  Sat 6/12/2004 

232 (no subject)  Bird  Mon 6/14/2004 
233 Reminder Prison Show airs this AM & PM on internet  Bird  Mon 6/14/2004 

 234 Twisting American Values/Updates/Reminders  Bird  Mon 6/14/2004 

 235 Bill updates/Internet show today/Say Good Bye Tribute  Bird  Wed 6/16/2004 

236 Update  Bird  Wed 6/16/2004 

237 Hep C/SVSP nightmare/$130 at the gate/Media Ban  Bird  Thu 6/17/2004 

238 Soldiers with MP13 rifles in State Parks/announcements  Bird  Fri 6/18/2004 

239 Press Advisory/Bills/Visits/Juror Hold-outs  Bird  Sat 6/19/2004 

240 SHU Changes/Reform Proposal/Federal oversight?  Bird  Sun 6/20/2004 

241 Torture stories sought by Fortune Magazine  Bird  Sun 6/20/2004 

 242 Education/Show on 10:30/Let's discuss a rally on Aug 12  Bird  Mon 6/21/2004 

243 Six inmates hurt in riot/Leno drops bill/guards union  Bird  Tue 6/22/2004 

244 UNION writers published again!/Parole Search/Rally plans  Bird  Wed 6/23/2004 

245 Lawyers Demand an End to Long Prison Sentences  Bird  Wed 6/23/2004 

246 Press Advisory - Judge Henderson has made ruling on oversight  Bird  Wed 6/23/2004 

247 Two confirmed/System is broken/$35 mil lawsuit  Bird  Thu 6/24/2004 

248 Hagar @ Henderson, Rocket Fuel in the Milk  Bird  Thu 6/24/2004 

249 My reaction to Hagar's report as prisoner advocate & mom  Bird  Thu 6/24/2004 

250 Inmate describes torture, families react to Hagar, NEWS  Bird  Thu 6/24/2004 

251 Man minimums/no showers or water at SVSP?/Hagar's report  Bird  Fri 6/25/2004 

252 Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Changes!!!!!!!!!!!  Bird  Sat 6/26/2004 

 253 Reports from families torture at HD/Green flu/problems!!!!!!!!!  Bird  Sun 6/27/2004 

254 UNION Call to Action on Three Emergencies  Bird  Sun 6/27/2004 

255 Update on Call to Action 3 emergencies  Bird  Mon 6/28/2004 

256 High Desert Backs over Power Seige they say  Bird  Mon 6/28/2004 

257 Is Water Crisis an invented excuse to open Delano II?  Bird  Mon 6/28/2004 

 258 It's Time to Get Smart on Crime/NEWS  Bird  Tue 6/29/2004 

259 Inmates called in about Water Crisis, OH MY GOD!  Bird  Tue 6/29/2004 

 260 Major Lawsuit win on SHU/updates  Bird  Wed 6/30/2004 

261 CDC lying about the amount of the water ration  Bird  Wed 6/30/2004 

262 UNION folks in the news standing up for inmates  Bird  Thu 7/1/2004 

263 CDC is still lying about Water ration/families write in/Rally  Bird  Fri 7/2/2004

264 Last chance to comment on this revised draft  Bird  Fri 7/2/2004 

265 Rev Shumake to speak at our rally on nephew's death  Bird  Sat 7/3/2004 

266 Good News!!!!! We Saved Lives!!!!!!!!!!  Bird  Sat 7/3/2004 

267 Murder in our Name, With Our Tax Dollars  Bird  Sun 7/4/2004 

268 Court orders air conditioning/code of silence  Bird  Mon 7/5/2004 
269 A News Day to go down in history!  Bird  Tue 7/6/2004 

270 State scrutinizing inmate's death  Bird  Wed 7/7/2004 

271 keyboard failure  Bird  Wed 7/7/2004 

272 $15 million lawsuit  Bird  Wed 7/7/2004

273 No Dental Treatment due to Water Crisis-Lawmakers gone  Bird  Fri 7/9/2004 

274 3X/Loss of Liberties/Death by Poverty  Bird  Fri 7/9/2004 

275 Answers to a few questions  Bird  Fri 7/9/2004 

276 CCPOA Power game endangering inmates  Bird  Sat 7/10/2004 

 277 Press Advisory - triple bunks replace more dayrooms  Bird  Sun 7/11/2004 

278 Felon Vote/Bill on Terminally ill/families comment  Bird  Sun 7/11/2004 

279 How they vote on our bills/Biggest lie ever told  Bird  Sun 7/11/2004 

280 Courts Indifferent to Less Fortunate/News  Bird  Mon 7/12/2004 

281 Inmates threatened - DEAD BIRDS - Hpylori Outbreak  Bird  Mon 7/12/2004 

282 Injustice, Oppression, Neglect, Cruelty and Death  Bird  Tue 7/13/2004 

283 UNION Call to Action - Inmates Endangered and Sick  Bird  Wed 7/14/2004 

284 UNION Call to Action Corrected  Bird  Wed 7/14/2004

285 Son found, Shirley published in SD Tribune/MOMS rant  Bird  Thu 7/15/2004 

286 Update on Call to Action Emergency  Bird  Thu 7/15/2004 

287 Words of love - Words of Wisdom  Bird  Fri 7/16/2004 

288 Supreme Court/Two new book authors/Children sodomized  Bird  Fri 7/16/2004 

289 more info on HPylori outbreak/New Rulings important  Bird  Sun 7/18/2004 

290 Judge on trial/end juvenile prosecutions/guards/news  Bird  Mon 7/19/2004 

 291 Electeds. Girlie Men or Animals? Voting record is clear!  Bird  Mon 7/19/2004 

292 more lawsuits/Calif. media speaks out  Bird  Tue 7/20/2004 

293 Reports from families at 5 prisons/inmates injured  Bird  Wed 7/21/2004 

294 Fed Judge threatens prison receivership/West Nile in Bakersfield  Bird  Wed 7/21/2004 

 295 Threats to Prison and Public Safety  Bird  Wed 7/21/2004 

296 West Nile hits San Jose/Prisons out of money  Bird  Thu 7/22/2004 

297 Sentencing Laws Changed/DNA tests flawed/Updates  Bird  Thu 7/22/2004 

298 W Nile Virus 8 counties, 1 dead/thoughts on Fed takeover  Bird  Fri 7/23/2004 

 299 Families comment on various issues  Bird  Fri 7/23/2004 

300 Medical Emergency/ New Package rules  Bird  Sat 7/24/2004 

 301 Judge/New Book/W. Nile Prevention/Death Row Wives  Bird  Sun 7/25/2004 

302 Stats for West Nile off or is it worse in California?  Bird  Sun 7/25/2004 
 303 Reports from Norco  Bird  Mon 7/26/2004

304 Inmates trying to send non violent SOS- Call to Action  Bird  Mon 7/26/2004 

305 Dead birds at Chino/Fed takeover sounds better/updates  Bird  Tue 7/27/2004 

306 Guards Won Budget Battle/SVSP off lockdown due to your calls  Bird  Tue 7/27/2004 

307 Your letters resulted in LA Times Story - Dayroom bunks  Bird  Wed 7/28/2004

308 Your help is needed/Judges in Shackles  Bird  Thu 7/29/2004 

309 Hotel back up, book this one for insurance  Bird  Thu 7/29/2004 

310 Ron Reagan Jr. upset about prison torture/New reports & Updates  Bird  Fri 7/30/2004 

311 Good news for Hep C/Budget passes/parole hearings video  Bird  Fri 7/30/2004 

312 Two urgent press advisories OMG  Bird  Fri 7/30/2004

313 Speakers list/SVSP/Norco/Dead Birds at CIW  Bird  Sat 7/31/2004

314 Another West Nile Death/Norco report inmates are sick/news  Bird  Sun 8/1/2004 

315 Something is Wrong  Bird  Sun 8/1/2004 

316 Press Advisory - Possible Shooting - Info Sought  Bird  Sun 8/1/2004

 317 Fed Judges Must Make Prisons Meet Min Standards  Bird  Tue 8/3/2004 

 318 Norco Story Disappointing but a relief  Bird  Wed 8/4/2004 

 319 Lies, Insults, Hidden Agendas Another Day in Paradise  Bird  Wed 8/4/2004 

320 Fed Takeover May Not Happen/no more isolation at CYA  Bird  Thu 8/5/2004 

 321 Medical problems statewide are big profit center  Bird  Thu 8/5/2004

  322 It's time for us to make a Public Outcry!  Bird  Thu 8/5/2004 

323 Free scholarships for Prisoner's children  Bird  Sat 8/7/2004 

324 Dayrooms taken/dead mentally ill inmate/dead DA/MESS!  Bird  Sun 8/8/2004 

325 What we have done - what we still need  Bird  Sun 8/8/2004 

326 Rally Press Release/Asm Jackie Goldberg our host  Bird  Mon 8/9/2004

 327 Updates/Visiting Nightmares exposed  Bird  Mon 8/9/2004 

328 Pls answer these questions/Medical Neglect Today  Bird  Tue 8/10/2004 

 329 Bill Updates/Parole - Change it now  Bird  Wed 8/11/2004 

330 Scathing Report on Medical Care Hallelujah!  Bird  Wed 8/11/2004 

331 Compassionate release passes goes to Gov now  Bird  Wed 8/11/2004 

332 Descendant of George Washington Speaks Out!  Bird  Wed 8/11/2004 

333 The Media Light - allow the press in the prisons  Bird  Thu 8/12/2004 

334 Rev Bruce Bramlett "We must make great noise"  Bird  Fri 8/13/2004 

335 Rally front page of Reporter/CDC agents tell lies about it  Bird  Fri 8/13/2004 

 336 Bill Updates/More recognitions & thanks/Prison Woes exposed  Bird  Sat 8/14/2004 

337 Rosemary Published/Your follow up comments & work  Bird  Sun 8/15/2004 

338 ill inmates sleep on floor/Arnie's visit to prison  Bird  Mon 8/16/2004 

339 We need 100 people to do lobby work/bill updates  Bird  Tue 8/17/2004 

340 Shumake autopsy grounds for a lawsuit  Bird  Tue 8/17/2004 
 341 Test  Bird  Wed 8/18/2004

  342 Shumake & UNION in the news twice today  Bird  Wed 8/18/2004 

 343 Victory for guard's union/dangerous bill  Bird  Wed 8/18/2004 

 344 Sen blasts "spineless" legislators/a question & project for you  Bird  Thu 8/19/2004 

 345 Anita Published/Fitness Pay  Bird  Thu 8/19/2004

  346 Christine & Al Published! Changes in the law affect us all  Bird  Fri 8/20/2004 

347 Tam Published on Shumake case/Corc med problems described  Bird  Fri 8/20/2004 

 348 Lives are at Stake -Shumake/Alert WNV jumps 32% in CA  Bird  Sat 8/21/2004 

349 Here come the guards into our med neglect campaign  Bird  Sun 8/22/2004 

350 Humiliation Should Not be part of sentence/cuts to mentally ill  Bird  Sun 8/22/2004 

351 Last chance for standing up for yourself & loved ones  Bird  Mon 8/23/2004 

352 Another Death, next door CMF/Chip Implants/Father God help us all!  Bird  Mon 8/23/2004 
353 3rd death surfaces/Stand by alert  Bird  Tue 8/24/2004 

 354 Bill Updates/WNV up 42% this week/progress  Bird  Tue 8/24/2004 

 355 Trouble - Emergencies, Info needed TAKE ACTION  Bird  Wed 8/25/2004 

356 4th death reported in Solano County - let us mobilize  Bird  Fri 8/27/2004 

357 Media Access Bill Fails as bodies stack up  Bird  Fri 8/27/2004 

358 MEDIA ACCESS BILL FINALLY PASSES!/Restitution  Bird  Sat 8/28/2004 

 359 Updates, letters from inmates and families  Bird  Sun 8/29/2004 

360 a few press advisories/bill updates/Blakely  Bird  Mon 8/30/2004 

361 Death at CMC Suspicious/Media Access/  Bird  Tue 8/31/2004 

362 TV Show today/ways to fight back for yourself & others  Bird  Wed 9/1/2004 

363 frightening circumstances/Lancaster gets away with assault of inmate  Bird  Wed 9/1/2004 
364 Scrutiny/Sparring/Abuse to Corcoran inmate inspired by CO  Bird  Thu 9/2/2004 
365 What goes around, comes around  Bird  Thu 9/2/2004 
366 Lawsuit payout $825,000/men not getting water at SVSP  Bird  Fri 9/3/2004 
367 This is the pot calling the Kettle Black  Bird  Sat 9/4/2004 
 368 Public Health Crisis/Taser Torture/Let the media back inside  Bird  Sun 9/5/2004 
 369 Restitution hearing is only for a delay in the new rules  Bird  Sun 9/5/2004 
370 Active TB reported at Chowchilla (CIW)  Bird  Sun 9/5/2004 
371 Alert Updates/Need volunteers to step forward on several emergencies  Bird  Mon 9/6/2004 
 372 Press advisories of SHOT, Dead, & Suffering inmates  Bird  Wed 9/8/2004 
 373 Updates on bills and press conference  Bird  Thu 9/9/2004 
 374 SEIU teams up with the UNION/Warden "retired" new doc  Bird  Thu 9/9/2004 
375 UNION Call to Action  Bird  Fri 9/10/2004 
 376 Stabbing at SVSP/Gang bill declares war on the people  Bird  Sat 9/11/2004 
 377 CDC Attacks/Family of slain inmate cries out for help  Bird  Sun 9/12/2004 
378 For Immediate Release - Press Conference Lawsuit Against CMF  Bird  Sun 9/12/2004 
379 Press advisories on more questionable inmate deaths  Bird  Tue 9/14/2004 
380 Your pen, your help is urgently needed today  Bird  Wed 9/15/2004 
 381 More details on 3 rd dead inmate/injuries, deaths, lockdowns  Bird  Wed 9/15/2004 
 382 Time for Ah-nold to Put Up or Shut Up Editor & Publisher!!!!  Bird  Fri 9/17/2004 
383 4th Crisis in Solano Inmate Critically Injured/Public be Damned  Bird  Fri 9/17/2004 
384 5th CSP Solano Crisis/Taser Death/Info sought  Bird  Mon 9/20/2004 
385 Prison Overhaul/Retaliation/Medical emergency  Bird  Tue 9/21/2004 
386 Outrageous! The Mentally Ill is Targeted  Bird  Tue 9/21/2004 
387 Mobilizing Moms & Dads warn CDC to BACK OFF!!!  Bird  Wed 9/22/2004 

388 Bills Update/Inmate Killed at New Folsom/DA lies to people  Bird  Wed 9/22/2004 
389 Ersel Ware's autopsy report is complete  Bird  Wed 9/22/2004 
390 Press Conf tomorrow/media access/stabbings  Bird  Fri 9/24/2004 
391 Press Release and info on Second UNION lawsuit  Bird  Sat 9/25/2004 
392 Gof Vetoes Rehab & Med Neglect Bills/Torture at Mule Creek  Bird  Sat 9/25/2004 
 393 Monster Gov vetoes Compassionate Release  Bird  Sat 9/25/2004 
394 death on CDC Forms described/same inmate stabbed again  Bird  Sat 9/25/2004 
395 Public Info/Judge Appts/Put the heat on Mr. Musclehead  Bird  Sun 9/26/2004 
 396 Hunger Strike/Possible death/Info needed  Bird  Tue 9/28/2004 

397 My remarks for today's hearing on med neglect/news  Bird  Wed 9/29/2004 

398 UNION Call to Action Press Conference MON 10/4 - Sacramento  Bird  Wed 9/29/2004 
399 Hearing on Medical Neglect/San Quentin Expansion  Bird  Thu 9/30/2004 

400 1st Amend. Still Dead - Gov Vetoes Media Access  Bird  Thu 9/30/2004 

401 Such Lies!!!!!!! Such Hypocrisy!!!!!!  Bird  Thu 9/30/2004 
 402 Save $$ through Prevention - Disease Incubators  Bird  Fri 10/1/2004 

 403 Bills signed & vetoed re prisons/Investigations/TV Show  Bird  Fri 10/1/2004 

 404 Press Conference 10/4 -Four families of dead inmates  Bird  Sun 10/3/2004 

 405 Press Conference Big Success - National Media Coverage  Bird  Tue 10/5/2004 

 406 Patty Published on Media Access/reform demanded our ground swell  Bird  Wed 10/6/2004 

407 Beyond "TALKING" of reform  Bird  Wed 10/6/2004 

408 Incident at CSP/Dr. Suspended/DNA/do your letter  Bird  Thu 10/7/2004 
409 Newstip - 13 inmates stabbed at Norco  Bird  Thu 10/7/2004 
410 Crime lab errors/fights, stabbings prisons are out of control  Bird  Fri 10/8/2004 

 411 Rosemary Published!/Inmate scalded/sentencing changes  Bird  Sat 10/9/2004 
412 Inmate murdered by guards at Planet of the Apes  Bird  Sun 10/10/2004 

 413 Ducks, Geese vs. Human Beings/UNION folks in action!  Bird  Mon 10/11/2004 

 414 More info on inmate murdered by guards with pepper spray  Bird  Mon 10/11/2004 

 415 Press Advisory 2nd Death/Found Ed Rister  Bird  Wed 10/13/2004

 416 Dead Inmate at Folsom/1st & 4th Amendment violations  Bird  Wed 10/13/2004

  417 3rd possible death this week at Lancaster?/3rd Lawsuit to be filed  Bird  Thu 10/14/2004

418  Criminals are wearing badges - get out the vote   Bird  Fri  10/15/2004

419  Fascist DA trying to cover up inmate death, suppress media coverage   Bird Fri  10/15/2004

420  The life you save may be your own or your loved one   Bird  Sat  10/16/2004 
421  Guard critcally injured/Guards Union backing off Prop 66   Bird  Sun  10/17/2004

422  Brilliant move by defense attorney saves the day!   Bird  Sun  10/17/2004

423  Tam Published/last day to register/Guard Assault Group   Bird  Mon  10/18/2004 

424  Emergency - 3 or 4 dead - journalists denied info   Bird  Mon  10/18/2004 

425  Brace yourself and focus on prevention   Bird  Tue  10/19/2004 

426  Report says state employees not disciplined or fired/Gov Dingbat   Bird Wed  10/20/2004 

427  Hunger strike coming, men lose faith in Governor   Bird  Thu  10/21/2004 

428  First news article about tomorrow's press conference   Bird  Fri  10/22/2004

429  Stricken inmate left untreated lawsuit claims   Bird  Fri  10/22/2004 

430  An incredible noise   Bird Sun  10/24/2004 

431  Now that we have everyone's attention, it's time for you to speak   Bird Tue  10/26/2004 
432  Important Update - CDC tries to cover up wrongdoing   Bird  Tue  10/26/2004 

433  Don't forget our TV show at 9 am tomorrow morning on internet   Bird Tue  10/26/2004

434  UNION family members writing and fighting, getting out the vote   Bird Wed   10/27/2004

435  Package rule changes/Gov lies in commercials/Vote Recommendations   Bird Thu  10/28/2004

436  What should the UNION do about murder by pepper spray?   Bird  Fri  10/29/2004 

437  It's War and We're Advancing/announcements   Bird  Fri  10/29/2004 

438  Court Upholds Guard Convictions Cover up Revealed   Bird  Fri  10/29/2004 

439  3X Reform Losing Steam/Voting recommendations   Bird  Sat  10/30/2004 

440  A death in the hole/implant letter - fact or fiction?   Bird  Sun  10/31/2004 

441  more deaths/UNION delivering at least 80,000 votes   Bird  Mon  11/1/2004 

442  One inmate dead, another brain damaged/voting holocaust   Bird  Tue  11/2/2004 

443  Termite Lied - some fell for it - 3X Reform fails   Bird  Wed  11/3/2004 

444  Drawing back our collective fist and families sound off   Bird  Wed  11/3/2004 

445  Kerry Won/Josie published/4th lawsuit nearly ready   Bird  Thu  11/4/2004 

446  UNION Call to Action - get the word out   Bird  Sat  11/6/2004 

447  Important announcements   Bird Sat  11/6/2004 

448  Bob Published/Tasers/Schwarzen-Nazi   Bird Sun  11/7/2004 
449  Media standing up for 3 strikes reform - blasting Termite   Bird Mon  11/8/2004 

450  Politicians do neener-neener/CDC tries retaliation -    Bird Tue  11/9/2004 

451  Twins Tasered/Give me a count   Bird  Tue  11/9/2004 

452  History is made 9 guards fired/flu shots/Charles out of jail   Bird Wed  11/10/2004 

453  Press Conference Advisory - Lawsuit filed   Bird Wed  11/10/2004 

454  Last minute questions, instructions   Bird Thu  11/11/2004 

455  Press Advisory Inmate Death at Old Folsom   Bird Sat  11/13/2004 

456  More death alerts/let's respond to this bad article/updates   Bird  Mon  11/15/2004 

457  Press Advisory 3rd suicide in three days Mule Creek   Bird  Mon  11/15/2004 

458  UNION families, advocates furious over article in Tribune   Bird  Mon  11/15/2004 

459  Tribune responds to UNION families/Pepper Spray Facts   Bird  Wed  11/17/2004

460  Guard sprays Gov with chemicals - big joke?   Bird  Wed  11/17/2004 

461  Probes/5 new wardens/UNION in ACTION   Bird  Thu  11/18/2004 

462  Flyer of hope ready for you to distribute/cease fire on SLO Tribune   Bird  Thu  11/18/2004

463  The War on the People of California is Raging   Bird  Fri  11/19/2004 

464  Human Rights Watch & Fresno Bee blast Gov on Prisons   Bird  Sat  11/20/2004 

465  Inmate ltr describes depression over lies/NEWS!   Bird  Sun  11/21/2004 

466  New Bill will have far reaching effects on teens & the poor   Bird  Sun  11/21/2004 

467  Photos from Brown, Ware press conferences   Bird  Tue  11/23/2004 

468  Visiting lawsuit/Bye Burton/TV audio on the web!/news!   Bird  Sat  11/27/2004 
469  5 TV shows now on web for your use/Parole   Bird  Sun  11/28/2004 

470  Amnesty Int on Tasers/Shriver: No Presidency/Pepper Spray   Bird  Mon  11/29/2004 
471  Att: New Folsom Families, Inmate shot, killed by guard   Bird  Tue  11/30/2004 

472  Justices rule - new sentencing   Bird  Wed  12/1/2004 

473  Parole/Mentally Ill/3 Strikes/Civil Suit   Bird  Thu  12/2/2004 

474  Report in on psychological torture methods for TV show   Bird  Fri  12/3/2004 

475  Press Advisory - Guard who shot inmate CO Best - Rogue   Bird  Sun  12/5/2004

476  Lawsuit payouts/where to file complaints/   Bird  Mon  12/6/2004 
477  Public defenders on Prop 36/Prop 69   Bird  Tue  12/7/2004 

478  Tonight! RJ Donovan no water/journalists under seige   Bird  Wed  12/8/2004 

479  How Ad Seg & SHU torture destroys /medical mj   Bird  Wed  12/8/2004 

480  Press Advisory Lockdown over "bullets"/strip searches   Bird  Fri  12/10/2004 

481  Supreme Court/Nurses furious with Arnold/Justice   Bird  Sun  12/12/2004 

482  Poll on Gov/CCPOA donations/Tomorrow am   Bird  Sun  12/12/2004 

483  Good News   Bird  Mon  12/13/2004 
484  Blood cannot wash out blood/Supreme Ct. Decisions/Staph   Bird  Tue  12/14/2004 

485  TV Reporter seeks help with today's news - missing person   Bird  Tue  12/14/2004 

486  UNION families & clergy speak out   Bird  Wed  12/15/2004 
487  Licenses/Womens Prisons/5 yr old handcuffed   Bird  Thu  12/16/2004 

488  Press Advisory, inmate death/Perata Attacked/info sought   Bird  Thu  12/16/2004

489  Slave labor industries/ good news - Sob!   Bird  Fri  12/17/2004 
490  Restorative Justice/Flu shots/lawsuit payout   Bird  Sat  12/18/2004 

491  Why they hated Gary Webb/Torture normal   Bird  Sun  12/19/2004 

492  Press Advisories/ prisoner writes of abuse/lawsuit for mentally ill   Bird  Mon  12/20/2004 
493  Updates/CO in jail in San Diego/PIA lies/lawsuit details   Bird  Mon  12/20/2004 

494  Nurses sue Gov/Witch hunts are on/suicide on video   Bird  Tue  12/21/2004 

495  Chino MAC chairman tortured & railroaded/Corc inmate in danger   Bird  Wed  12/22/2004 
496  Tis the Season to be Murdered & Tortured in California   Bird  Wed  12/22/2004 

497  Press advisories on stabbings, deaths/Policy challenges   Bird  Thu  12/23/2004 

498  Press advisories on stabbings, deaths/Policy challenges   Bird  Fri  12/24/2004 

499  Angels of Compassion & mercy are messengers of hope   Bird  Fri  12/24/2004 

500  Pass this message of hope out at prisons & family gatherings   Bird  Fri  12/24/2004 
501  Politicians discriminate against & destroy ill inmates   Bird  Mon  12/27/2004 

502  Riot at Wasco?/DNA/lawsuit/Perata   Bird  Tue  12/28/2004 

503  Massive lawsuit payout?/Webb killed over book?/Se Espanol?   Bird  Tue  12/28/2004 

504  Man tricked into confession/Patriot Act and You   Bird  Wed  12/29/2004 

505  Staph outbreak/5 dead at Lancaster since Sept/execution   Bird  Fri  12/31/2004 

506  Web page shows CDC rip off/Tricked Part II/Smart Alternatives   Bird  Fri  12/31/2004 


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