Do you object to Three Strikes, Mandatory Minimums and/or the Death Penalty? What are you doing about it?
Stand up! Be Counted! Raise a Stink!

United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect
Beginning Saturday, April 8, and continuing through April 25

  • Participate in a bombardment of messages in a bottle (signal for help) 
  • Include three onions to RAISE A STINK! 
  • When thousands of boxes arrive, Davis will see there is a voting lobby which cares about prisoners 
  • Mark the onions: No Three Strikes! No Death Penalty! No Mandatory Minimums! or to object to recent parole board and CYA appointments mark them: No Bordonaro! No Harper! No Nielsen! 
  • Politicians only respect large voting groups of people. This package campaign delivers a STRONG message that Gov. Davis otherwise will not hear. He rarely reads his mail, but thousands of boxes will get his attention!

    News Coverage has already begun!

    Send it to:
    Governor Gray Davis
    California State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Don't assume that someone else is going to speak out for you. Mail as many boxes as you want, as large as you want, and keep these going out thru April 25. It doesn't work if just a few people mail boxes. No changes will be made until we show a voting block large enough to object to vengeance and retribution for political glory

    In ancient times, if someone gave you an onion necklace, it was a very disapproving gesture. If Davis wants to run the criminal justice system based on ancient practices, this is an appropriate, legal, thumbs down.

     Learn how the system works and become a member of the UNION. 99% of the time we are the only ones who show up to important hearings to fight for inmates! You are needed to help!

    Letters of abuse to B. Cayenne Bird, journalist
    P.O. Box 22765, Sacramento CA 95822-0765
    There are Team Leaders in your area to fax you the Calls to Action so that you can win prison reform! Send $30 in Cash or Stamps to receive the newsletter. Prisoners notify your families to help us. We need everything. 100% volunteer.

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