Speakers - August 12, 2004 Rally

Reverend Andre L. Shumake, Sr. - Prisoner of Hope -
State Murder by Medical  Neglect

Mark Ravis, M.D., J.D. -
A Stacked Deck  - Medical Neglect and Abuse of Mentally Ill

Fred Jackson
Officials Violate the First Amendment - Let the Sun shine in!

Robert Driscoll - Parole - Change It Now

Professor Michael Vitiello -
Sanity in Sentencing, End Conveyor Belt Laws

 Speech Sarah Chappell - Visits

B. Cayenne Bird -
We don't Agonize - We Organize and Mobilize

Rev. Bruce Bramlett
Legislators Must Declare a Moratorium on the Death Penalty Now

Donna Doolin-Larsen
Poor are Denied DNA Tests, even when the Penalty is Death

Anita L. Wills - Speech
George Washington Descendant doesn't Approve of Prison Slavery

 August 12, 2004, Press Release

 August 12, 2004 - Rally - Reporter Article

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