15 Case rulings on overcrowding, careless double celling and more

This research was prepared by Eric K'napp, a graduate of Blackstone Institute for Paralegals
who was forced to file a lawsuit against Sierra Conservation Center's Warden Ivan Clay, Dr. Rusty Otto, CO Pate and others who are unlawfully forcibly double-celling mentally ill prisoners, which almost always ends in death or permanent disabilities. Mail this into at least one Prisoner so that everyone can learn the law. Always document in writing abuses and don't forget to file complaints with the ADA and the medical associations that control licenses. One complaint doesn't matter, but 20 complaints will result in bringing accountability to irresponsible wardens and physicians who believe they are above the law. The lawsuit is Knapp vs Cate. After it was filed, Warden Ivan Clay and Dr. Rusty Otto retaliated against Eric and are doing everything to get him out of SCC, using a medical classification as punishment which is another unlawful act.

There are 15 case histories here on overcrowding, careless double celling practices, sadistic violence by guards and the responsibilities of the legislature. Thank you Eric for this great work. Sorry for the torment you're suffering.

Rev. B. Cayenne Bird rightor1@aol.com

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overcrowding cases

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overcrowding cases