Mission Statement of The U.N.I.O.N.

United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect

We are a statewide communication network dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system in California. We believe that the prison industry is absorbing tax dollars which would be better spent on education, health care, job and other social programs. We are opposed to the incarceration of addicts and the incarceration for life of nonviolent offenders as required by the Three Strikes and Mandatory Minimum laws.

We abhor the brutality practiced in California prisons. We write and demonstrate to draw public attention to this inhumanity

We prefer to attack crime through a strong economy for everyone, prevention through education, free after school activities, adult supervision of youth, support of teen-age mothers. rehabilitation of incarcerated criminals, medical care for the mentally ill, restorative justice and other programs clearly proven to be more of a solution to crime than prisons. We believe this can be done through the political processes established in our democracy: by the power of the vote, by letter-writing to newspapers, and by demonstrating in mass.

The U.N.I.O.N.
P.O. Box 340371
Sacramento, Ca. 95834-0371

Attn: B. Cayenne Bird

E-mail: Rightor1@aol.com

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