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June 2004

New AdSeg at High Desert

I have reports of torture in the new ad seg at High Desert.  The inmates never got their basic property when moved to the Z unit isolation (ad seg).  We are talking about deodorant, shampoo, things they need.

Desperate, the inmates soaped their windows so the guards couldn't see them in retaliation for denying them their basic property during the move.

Soaping their windows are reported to have resulted in violent cell extractions where tear gas and pepper spray were used.  They have been sleeping on cement slabs with no mattresses and no sheets, only one blanket.

Mail in and mail out is being denied to them while this torture is taking place to keep it out of the media.

I testified against Dave Runnels at his warden confirmation hearing for just these sort of practices.  What would you like to be about this situation. As a group we can make a difference here.  This is worse than Shawshank redemption but the animal rights people would never sit quietly by and allow this to happen to animals.

Torture.  In our  names and with our tax dollars and they've been getting away with this for several weeks now.  Should we sit silently when we have the power of protests, writing letters to editors and raising hell?

If it happens to even one American, it should outrage us all.



At 1:35 I received a call from John Peterson explaining what has happened in the new "Z" ad seg unit in response to my inquiry earlier today.  Peterson is the press agent, admin assistant to Warden Dave Runnels.

He explained to me that a group of men were moved into this new prison within a prison on June 15 and 16.

Their property was indeed confiscated.

They did in fact conduct violent cell extractions when inmates soaped up their windows or covered them with paper which they all did.

One inmate really ticked them off because he cut a hole in his mattress and crawled into it when they pepper spayed his cell.

Violent cell extractions were done on two days over "this nonsense" as he termed it.

"The inmates must expect trouble like this if they cover their windows."  he said.

I made it very clear that only a coward would pepper spray an unarmed prisoner who was upset by confiscation of their personal property and a move that was probably  horrible based on CDC's normal patterns.

Sixteen of 55 inmates who participated in the rebellion are now on management status, which means they are in a tshit, underwear and one blanket.

Those people who were peppersprayed do not have mattresses because everything in the cell is contaminated.

Peterson told me "there was no choice but to pepper spray the inmates."

I vehemently disagreed.  There was a choice and they provoked it my taking away their property for nearly two weeks.

I asked about the mail blockage and he said that he sees mail coming in and attempted to deny the entire situation.

But then when he told me that only a few inmates have received their property it was clear that they purposefully didn't have stamps, envelopes and pens.

I told him that the families are worried and upset, as if a plane had crashed and they didn't know the condition of their loved one.

I explained that families are so upset that they are contacting the media and ready to pile in their cars and stand out in front of the prison with embarrassing picket signs.

Peterson said that wouldn't be necessary and assure me that their property would be returned today.

The power game appears to be over because we as outsiders are involved and making noise over it.

CDC lies and Runnels in particular so I do not want you to slow down your calls so that he gets the picture firmly in his mind that provoking unrest and then pepper spraying and isolating people over their responses is totally unacceptable.

They don't want us to land on their doorstep with a protest team and the tone was very respectful.

With stamps, paper and pens returned today, if they do what they said they would do, you should be hearing from your loved ones at any time.

Peterson told me there are no serious injuries from the cell extractions but of course, the mental intimidation that these cause is  permanently injurious to a prisoner's emotional state.  I also made it quite clear that we as taxpayers do not want to see people tortured in prison and then returned to their communities a broken 
down mess.

Dave Runnels has been told "don't mess with the moms and family members of  the UNION by torturing their loved ones and provoking rebellion."

"Give those boys some stamps and paper or suffer the consequences of having angry, worried families on your lawn" I told him.  They don't want that to happen.

Good job, thanks for backing me up with these calls to action and fighting for yourself and others.  Let me know as soon as your loved one contacts you, in the meantime, let's keep up the calls to that hellhole. Press the personnel option, they don't have a real person  on the switchboard any more.

Dave Runnels, Warden, High Desert Prison at Susanville

(530) 251-5100

And tell the governor on these testosterone-driven punks with badgeswho are such masters at cover up, lockdowns and psychological torment.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

(916) 445-2841

B. Cayenne Bird, Journalist
United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect
P.O. Box 85
Garden Valley, Ca. 95633

June 2004

Dear Ms. Hazle:

The UNION (United for No Injustice Oppression or Neglect) has reports of abuse of prisoners at High Desert State Prison in the new "Z" Unit which is an Ad Seg unit.  There apparently were violent cell extractions after the men covered the small window into the cell in protest because they have not received their personal property, things such as hygeine products and writing supplies so that they can continue with their legal cases and let their family members know they are OK.  Please investigate.  However, from past experience these things are not new to High Desert.  This is business as usual.  Violent cell extractions were taking place as far back as 1997.  When men are treated inhumanely they tend to respond in kind.  Something needs to be done about this miserable hell hole.
Thank you.

June 2004

Dear Ms. Hazle,

The director, B. Cayenne Bird, for U.N.I.O.N. has had reliable messages from prisoner families that torture and guard abuse is occurring in "Z Unit" at High Desert Prison.  Violent handling of prisoners began on Friday evening, June 25th, after prisoners soaped their cell windows to block view by the guards.  Guards allegedly responded with tear gas and pepper spray being shot into small solitary cells no larger than 4X5.  Prisoners may have been reacting to reported confiscation of their sheets and personal hygiene property.  Visitors and family members are not allowed phone calls or mail in or out of ad seg "Z Unit".

The entire unit is reported as under heavy siege and blacked out of contact from media or family.  Dave Runnels is the warden for High Desert State Prison.  The families are frightened with no
information coming as to what the situation has become.

Please investigate these reports.

Astraea Kelly

What next?   Caged visiting areas, visiting days cut to bare minumum, boxes from home banned, continuous lock downs and now more HEALTH RISKS!!!  Inmates in our state prisons are at risk on a daily basis from disease that runs rampant inside the walls.  Guards continue to get higher and higher raises while the rest of the workers get cutbacks and layoffs. 

NOW we have poisoned water at Salinas Valley Prison, No air flow in many southern California prisons, and violent cell extractions at High Desert State Prison.  Deaths are going to occur and who will be help accountable?  Heat kills, poisoned water from seeping nitrates kills, beatings, and lack of clothing, mattresses or personal hygiene items lead to death.  Denial of sending or recieving mail kills the spirit, causes depression and weakens the family unit. 

What is next...will we put inmates up to a firing squad, behead them, bury them alive?  We are seeing these things in the newspaper daily and we need to see the torture happening in our own prisons in the great state of California.  Taxpayers open your eyes, we are going to pay for this.  We need to get smart on crime and clean up these inhumane conditions.

Shirley Wetherwax, grandmother and taxpayer

July 2004


Once again High Desert Prison is on lockdown because once again, an inmate has been stabbed there.  This prison is one hell on earth and the legislators do absolutely nothing about.  You are wise to advise everyone to document everything that happens with their prison problems in letters.

This makes the wardens toe the legal marks a little better, although they are very sure they are above the law.  After all the families do not show up to their warden confirmation hearings or report their wrongdoings to the media or organize embarrassing pickets to stand up to them in anyway. 

It's excellent advice though because the letters make legal cases possible.  Without them, the family is just lost without any record.  The wardens almost always take no action and typically throw the 602's in the garbage can.  We allow it by failing to organize and file enough lawsuits.


2002 Letters

Hi Cayenne, 

I just received a letter from a prisoner at High Derset State Prison.  I wanted to share with you what he said. 

Today, while on the yard, all of a sudden we were made to get down.  Then for no apparent reason, they brought about 30 guards on the yard, and made us strip down to nothing and get searched.  In my opinion it is just another way to dehumanize us here.  There were even female guards standing watching as we were completely naked.  There is one certain lieutenant that likes to do that to us here. They found absolutely nothing on anyone.  The only person that got handcuffed, and taken off, is one guy, while sitting down, tossed a couple of pebbles at some other inmates.  That's how petty they got. 

This happened on B yard., the letter is dated Nov. 22, 2002 

Thanks for all of the great work 

December 3, 2002 

D.L. Runnels, Warden 
High Desert State Prison 
P.O. Box 750 
Susanville, CA 96127-0750 

Re:  Scott Larson, T56086 

Dear Mr. Runnels: 

Thank you for your letter of November 13, 2002, concerning Scott Larson and the letters I wrote on his behalf.  What I stated in my letters were quoted from a letter Scott sent, and what he wrote in the Complaint filed and accepted by the Federal Court Eastern District.  I wrote the letter as I didn't think the Judges would understand the threat and that it should be taken seriously.  I am told that the letter helped in setting forth the issues, and knowing Judges a little—who knows what they will pick up on when they finally write an opinion. 

I am happy to know that Scott is doing better, and has a prison friend who will make the experience at High Desert bearable.  I have found that ones like Scott and Jerry Wayne Morgan, who received a very severe sentence for minor offenses, have the hardest time enduring prison, and they also seem to be the ones that the guards pick on.  Guards have constantly tried to get Jerry to retaliate so they could charge him with something to justify why he is in prison.  He is still sitting in the Shasta County Jail, where he was severely beaten by guards, which they put him in medical for a month so no one would be able to document his injuries.  Of course no real investigation done, and the guards are still at it in beating Darrel Dietle (pictures on my and U.N.I.O.N. Websites), and I still don't know about what really happened in this case.  Then the so-called suicide of one of the Williams brothers, who was a problem and probably guilty as hell, but he still deserved his day in court.  I am quite suspect that this was not a suicide, but there may be no way to prove it unless the State or Federal do a real investigation and not another cover-up.

This is what I wrote about High Desert, and this was told to me by Jerry Wayne Morgan when he arrived from Calipatria on one of the visits I made, as he was a total stranger and I had never met him before.  He showed me the scar and said that the guards set these up, and they actually hand out the handmade instruments to the "lifers" who do the dirty deed.  So from this I knew that Scott could be in real danger, and if something wasn't done to rein in the guards, he could come to a bad end. 

Retribution is a very serious problem for prisoners, I know from experience in writing a Supplemental Brief with the permission of the California Third Appellate District.  I wrote the Brief and had nothing but trouble getting the documents into High Desert for Jerry Wayne Morgan's signature, the original copies never were returned, but a copy with Jerry's signature was returned and I was able to do the proof of service and get it filed on time, but received nothing but Obstruction of Justice by the High Desert staff.  You can see this story on my Website below, or plug his name into Google search, and my Rotunda and another Website will pop up with the story. 

This case did win, but you would never know that Morgan won, and at High Desert they tried to have Morgan killed out on the Yard, and he showed me a scar on his left jaw where they missed by an inch in killing him.  This was a set up, and I've been told that the knives are handed out to the "lifers" just for this purpose.  But a real investigation has never been done, to get to truth of this matter.  Now Morgan is back in Shasta County, where the guards beat him up real bad, and again nothing has been done or a real investigation, only a cover up by the guards and the Code of Silence is still intact. 

Now during the time period above you were not the Warden, and I'm not sure if you were at High Desert when Morgan was stabbed as I do not have the date of that event. 

I have been working with U.N.I.O.N. (United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect), on several prisons issues.  One of the main ones I have been writing about is the issue of constant Lockdowns.  I think Jerry spent 80% or more of his time in State Prison on Lockdown, and it has greatly damaged him psychologically, and he may be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, which is not over for him as Shasta County Jail is no better in this regard.  You will find information on the U.N.I.O.N. Website on this issue: 


The letter I and many others wrote on this issue is posted there in Letters to Agency Secretary Robert Presley.  I consider this an evil practice, and should seldom be used except for those guilty of something and are bad actors, then only after hearing and having been found guilty of some action.  Right now the innocent are locked down and never know the reason for months on end.  I consider this to be psychological torture, and the cause of much of the anger and riots at the prisons.  I know that things will get worse for the prisons if something is not done about this, as the war between guards and prisoners could get violent and many on both sides could be hurt or killed.  Some of these lifers have nothing too loose and their rage is great, who knows what could set it off.  So you need to find a way to ease this situation, so that this does not happen at High Desert. 

I appreciate your writing and opening the door for communication.  I am not family of anyone in prison, and just got into this by helping out a stranger.  I would like to see some real changes made, to ease the situation for both staff and prisoners.  Respect is what is needed, not hate.  As I see hate coming from both guards and prisoners, and this is a very dangerous situation.  How to stop this, is to do real investigations and the guards should be disciplined or charged as needed, this would put a stop to much of the abuse coming from that source. 

Thanks you for your attention to the issues raised.  Happy Holidays! 

Sincerely yours, 

Janice D. Crumley 

December 15, 2002 

Dear Cayenne: 

The inmates at High Desert have read the UNION's demand/solutions letter and we have family members who would like to help.  Please send us more information.  You have given us all hope and shown your love for us when we think no one cared.  God bless you all, we are suffering in this hellhole. 


December 19, 2002 

I just received notice that Scott was just beat up by 4 people in the gym.    I need help in finding out who did this, and how Scott is 


Standby for a telephone bombardment. 

The unspeakable has happened.  Even after his mother, who has a ministry in San Ramon, CA made repeated appeals for Scott Larsen's safety, he has been attacked and badly beaten. 

Mardele called and wrote Robert Presley personally about this situation and copied journalists Jenifer Warren, Richard Fausset, Steve Huddle and Alan Bock on that communication. 

It is well documented that her appeals went to Ken Hurdle, the ombudsman, and we printed these cries for help in the daily newsletter on numerous occasions.  When there is this much notification and the appeals are callously ignored, then something terrible happens, this is grounds for yet another huge lawsuit. 

The evidence is certainly documented that CDC has failed to protect Scott Larsen in this situation. 

Nothing was done and now the inmates have notified Mardele through their parents that he was badly beaten at High Desert State Prison. 

We cannot get details of his condition, but we will continue to inquire. This may require one of our telephone bombardments to get the attention of our vacationing officials during the worst time of the year - the blue Christmas season. 

There is absolutely no excuse for this beating ever to have happened. 

Standby for updates as Scott, who is in prison for a minor crime - not the worst of the worst as High Desert always claims is housed at their facility, suffers in that hellhole. 

We know and we care. All for one, one for all.  If I can't get the info, we will show our numbers in a telephone bombardment since this is the only language bureaucrats seem to understand. 

Who will carry a picket sign on January 23 to protest the callousness of legislators and administrators when they are advised that inmates are in danger? 

Who will carry a picket sign on January 23 for the unnecessary beating of Scott Larsen and thousands of inmates who are under the radar of a banned press? 

We must put an end to these outrageous conditions in a BIG way. Who will be next?  All for one and one for all, we will not take this abuse casually.  What happens to one of us could happen to any of us.  We must stand up for one another's loved ones in true UNION spirit.  For each and every case, it is the same people at the top who must be held responsible for their inactions as well 
as their bloody stupid deliberate actions. 

B. Cayenne Bird 

Dear Ms. Bird: 

I've contacted the institution and was informed of the following information.  He (Scott Larsen) was the victim of a battery by three inmates on 12-19-02.  There were no weapons involved in this 

He did suffer minor head injuries and as a precaution was transported to Nothern Nevada Medical Center for further evaluation and has since been returned to HDSP. 

The inmates who battered Mr. Larson have been identified and are currently in Administrive Segregation.  The incident is currently being investigated by the institutions investigative unit.  I've attempted to contact (his mother) however there was no answer so I left a message on her recorder. 

Thank You 


Dear Ombudsman and others copied on this email: 

Thank you.  This mother warned and warned of her son's danger, she called Robert Presley, we carried her pleas for help many times in the newsletter. 

It was totally preventable if anyone was actually awake out at that hellhole High Desert. 

When I called Warden Runnels several months ago to warn of this impending disaster, he wasn't even at the facility. 

Christmas is the worst time of year for hopeless people. 

We can expect much more violence if some major reforms aren't announced soon.  There is nothing I can do to prevent it,  conditions are so bad. 

B. Cayenne Bird 

December 21, 2002 

Dear Cayenne: 

I spoke with Ms. Bolls at High Desert.  I forgot to mention to you that Scott won MAC rep. 
Ms. Bolls story: Scott was going into the gym at High Desert to do some work, and 3 men jumped him right as he entered the gym.  Scott was taken to the hospital by ambulance and had a cat scan.  He has no fractures.  No weapons were used.  Scott is back at High Desert now, very sore, and they're watching him in the med. facility. My daughter and Scotts father are at High Desert right now trying to see him.We want to know how true the story is. 

He will now be placed in protective custody (the hole) while they investigate.  Last time Scott was in the hole, he was even more worried for his safety, as there are no witnesses to what the guards do. You know they won't investigate the guards.  I have a feeling they're behind all of this.  Scott has a lawsuit pending against the guards, as he was in great fear for his life when he entered High Desert. The guards have continually harassed and threatened Scott ever since.  I get new stories every week. Scott is a peace maker, everyone loves him, that's why he won MAC  assistant in such a short amount of time.  He works hard to help everyone, he cares for the other inmates. 

I know Scott won't let this slow him down.  He will continue to move forward to help everyone. 

Thanks for the help 

More on Scott Larsen's condition at High Desert Prison after he was beaten from his mother. 

Dear Cayenne 

I talked with my daughter last night.  She did visit with Scott in the med. facility.   Scott was kicked 
hard in the face  (he has big boot marks on his face) He fell face forward on the ground, which caused more injuries, and then sprayed with pepper spray, which is causing great problems with his eyes.  He doesn't have any fractures, but is in great pain. 

Scott was helping some men, and attacked when he walked away from them. They want to transfer Scott to another prison, but Scott wants to stay at High Desert, as he's made many friends there, and feels he can help the men there being their MAC rep.  I knew he'd feel this way. 

When my daughter went to see Scott, she asked the administrative people why they don't contact  the family when things like this happen.  They said they do, the warden knew all about this incident.  They never did contact me, as you said it was a fellow prisoner that did.  The reason the warden knew all about it, was because of you.  Thanks for the help.  We couldn't make the contacts that make all the difference without your help. 

I don't feel that my daughter could have visited with my son in the medical facility, if all of the contacts hadn't been made first through-out the day. (She doesn't think so either, as they said this was an unusual situation) 

Now, let's see if I can get Christmas pulled together 

Dear Mardele: 

I am concerned that High Desert is out of control.  Scott may be sacrificing his life if he chooses to remain there.  I am only as effective as the numbers that we show during our campaigns - whether we're writing letters to editors or attending important hearings or protesting. Our strength comes from each and every ACTIVE member of the UNION.  Lately we've been doing great.  More and more of the same because people in prison are suffering and dying on a daily basis.  Any sentence to prison is a potential death sentence, we must ALL be on standby alert and finding others who 
will write and picket with us. 


January 6, 2003 

D.L. Runnels, Warden 
High Desert State Prison 
P.O. Box 750 
Susanville, CA 96127-0750 

Re: Scott Larson, T56086                CONSTRUCTIVE JUDICIAL NOTICE 
 Obstruction of Justice                      OF VIOLATION OF THE 
                                                        CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION. 
Dear Mr. Runnels: 

On December 3, 2002, I wrote you a letter in response to the letter I received from you.  How things have changed, and all the things we tried to stop are happening to Scott Larson. 

The guards set themselves up as the Investigators, Judges, Jury and Executioners, against any prisoner that just might seek his Constitutional Rights.  The harassment, retaliation, intimidation have been non-stop.  Scott has been beaten, put in segregation, where he is in more danger from the guards who continue their non-stop harassment.  What is wrong with you and your people?  Why don't you follow the laws of the land, and the Oath you took to support the United States and California Constitutions? 

Several times after visits from his parents, his cell has been ransacked by guards in retaliation.  Then in December we learned that Scott had been beat up in the gym, obviously this was another one of those set-ups by the guards, as they get lifers to do their dirty work for rewards and perks.  I understand that Scott won the honor to be the MAC rep, and this beating was probably in retaliation for this. 

When Scott's sister visited she asked some people why they didn't contact the family when Scott was beaten.  "They said they do, the warden knew all about this incident."  If you knew all about it, then why is Scott being punished and his life put in danger by being placed in Administrative Segregation or what we call Lockdown, and prisoners say being "in the hole." 

The staff misconduct is an Obstruction of Justice, in preventing Scott from preparing his lawsuit.  They have gone through his legal papers several times, read everything, and this is not their business, it is between Scott, the Court or his Attorney.  The guards who have participated in this action should be punished under Penal Code §147.  "Every officer who is guilty of willful inhumanity or oppression toward any prisoner under his care or in his custody, is punishable by fine not exceeding four thousand dollars ($4,000), and by removal from office." 

Right now Scott is being punished by the guards, in being locked up and is being harassed severely.  He is in great danger from the guards, and officers, and needs to be moved to another prison closer to his parents.  He was threatened by a Captain that if his mother didn't stop helping him, and didn't give up on the lawsuit, he would bring "heat" on himself.  I would consider this a death threat, as this is what happened to Jerry Wayne Morgan after he won his Third Appellate appeal,  as Jerry showed me the knife wound that missed killing him by an inch, and this was a set up by the guards. 

In this letter I am giving you personal Constructive Judicial Notice that you are personally responsible for the safety of Scott Larson, T56086.  And since you can't even trust a Captain for the truth, that you take personal responsibility to ensure that Scott is taken out of the HOLE, and placed in better conditions.  Scott was happy on Yard B until the guards started harassing him. 

Right now you are in violation of both the United States and California Constitutions, ARTICLE 1 §17.  "Cruel or unusual punishment may not be inflicted or excessive fines imposed."  As Scott is receiving cruel and unusual punishment by being placed on constant Lockdown.  It is bad enough to be sent to prison, but to be punished by the guards is uncalled for and it is not their duty to beat, harass, intimidate or use psychological torture methods on prisoners. 

I request that you take immediate action against the guards, and immediate action to have Scott Larson moved to a better prison, and not be punished again by being sent to Lancaster or Calipatria. 

Remember that the Great Judge of the Universe does know the truth of what is going on behind the scenes, and ultimately all will stand before His Court on the Great Judgment Day. 

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. 

Sincerely yours, 

Janice Crumley 

cc:  Robert Presley, Agency Secretary 
      Steve White, Inspector General 
      Edward S. Alameida, Jr., Director, 
         California Department of Corrections 
      United States District Court, Eastern District of California 

      Various interested parties 

February 1, 2003 

Dear Ms. Bird 

My father is in High Desert State Prison.   He has a history of health problems and many neck and back surgeries.  His last neck fusion has broken and he will not tell me how. Now his prostate is swollen to the point he can't use the restroom without taking alot of milk of magnesia. 

The med facility has know of this problem for 5 months now and will not take my dad to get it checked out. 

I am worried he has prostate cancer and the prison will do nothing about it.  My dad does not belong in the place he is in.  He is serving alot of time for somthing he did not do my dad is a older man and has been in prison for the last 4 years and will probably die in prison for somthing he did not do. 

Is there any information you can give me to help my dad get the medical attention he needs? any help would be much appreciated as I live in Texas and well as you know my dad is in Calif. I dont have much money but my dad deserves much better than this. 

Thank you 
C. Rich 

Mr. Presley, 

I am very concerned about two other prisoners 

The first is: 
Dominic Vashon Wright    H-48101 
High Desert State Prison  D5 212 

A federal Judge is talking about giving him relief, and he has told the Attorney General that they have only so much time to respond, then he has 30 days after that, which began on January 17th, and he hasn't received anything as of yet.

He is in the hole, and the guards won't let him have any of his legal material.  This is a direct violation of his constitutional rights.  I am asking you to let the guards know that he needs his legal material. 

This happened to Scott also.  When I was there last, he just received his legal material the day before I arrived, but they wouldn't let him have his legal books.  He is in the hole, because he was beat up.  He didn't cause the problem, so he should have his books so he can work on his case. 

The other person is: 
Monte Bridges P-99845 
High Desert State Prison   B2-119 

Mr. Bridges had an angio plasty, and a quadruple by-pass in 1992, and and another angeo plasty in 1999.  He was scheduled for a thallium stress test in Sept. of 2000, but in May he was arrested.  He had been having pain, and heart problems, but couldn't get anyone to help him. 

He wrote to the Prison Law Office. Steven Fama from the Prison Law office contacted John Appelbaum, Supervising Deputy Attorney General, on Nov 20, 2002 
Re: Plata-individual Inmate Urgent or Exhausted 602 Medical Concern, request for review.  He requested a thallium stress test. 

On Thursday, 1/02/03, Mr. Bridges was taken to see Dr. Watson at the medical on the yard  re: several issues.  He was taken to the CTC and admitted.  1/03/03 he was taken to RM for the thallium stress test.  The officers wouldn't wait for the doctors to give Mr. Bridges the report, but he  knew it was bad, because he barely started with the stress part, and he had severe pain in his chest and left arm. 

I received a letter from Mr. Bridges on 1/19/03, and he said his heart was really acting up.  On 1/20/03, he went to eat, and he could hardly make it back.  He said they hadn't called him to tell him the results yet, but he could tell something had taken place "behind the scenes", because one med tech made a snide remark about Mr. Bridges talking to the Captain about his meds.. 

I just received a letter dated 1/23/03.  He said he was down again Wed, and Thursday, but he managed to make it to chow on Thursday, the first time since Tuesday eve. He still hadn't seen a doctor or gotten any test results. 

This man needs immediate attention for his medical needs, and he also needs a single cell, as he's a very sick man.  I'm asking you to look into this immediately, before he dies, or do you really care?  It's obvious that Prison Law office, and Supervising Deputy Attorney General think that this man needs help, and got it for him, but it stopped there. HDSP has put him on hold.  Why?????  He needs your attention immediately!!!!! 

Thank you for your immediate attention to all of these matters 

UNION volunteer worried about her own son,  working to help others, holding down a  job 

Monday, February 10, 2003 9:44 PM 

Mr. Presley, 

I received a letter dated Feb.4, 2003  from Monte Bridges  P-99845      B2-110    H.D.S.P. 

In the letter he stated that he hasn't received any medical help as of yet.   He stated that he was not seen by the psych today as scheduled.  He also stated that they've called him into medical several times, and after he waited 2-3 hours, they sent him back, saying they didn't have his chart.  What is happening?    Where is his chart? 

This is a very sick man, I'm amazed that he's still alive, and medical can't find his chart?  How do we find it?  This man needs immediate medial attention!!!!!!!! 

Please give this man immediate medical attention.  His family is being alerted  of all the help that we are trying to get for him, and nothing is happening. 

Mardele Duarte 

February 23, 2004

Story regarding the Happy Valley Minister. He was sent to High Desert State Prison some time back. When he arrived, they refused to place him in protective custody even though he as a known target because of all the media attention. The CDC guards left his cell open then turned their backs and allowed the prisoner thugs to attack Shelton. According to inmate gossip, they could hear Shelton screaming in pain and for help all over the prison, yet the guards did nothing. The story is not real complete. At some point they took him to the infirmary, patched him up and sent him back. Don't know the time frame. At some latter time the guards allowed and orchestrated a repeat performance, only this time the inmates gaged Shelton so he couldn't scream, and beat him so severely as to hospitalize him. Now they have him in total isolation and have supposedly told him this is how he will do his entire prison sentence. I'm sure there is much more to the story. Evidently there were some scandalous things done by Deputy District Attorney Erin Derwin here in Shasta County that should be told. This is the latest episode of CDC corruption.

As to Wardens and Guards, they know exactly what they are doing. They are corrupted in their thinking by their power over others, they are evil people, they are psychopaths who not only know what they are doing--but they enjoy it.

[The minister was accused of sexual crimes. My guess is he was set up???]


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