UNION Press Conference

Dec 4, 2009, Sacramento, California

Parents of Joseph Sullivan awarded $475,000 in damages for his Wrongful Death




hosted and moderated by UNION Director B. Cayenne Bird

United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect


These are the links to some of today's remarks and background information.

View the video of highlights of some of the speeches here


Remarks by Attorney David Springfield who successfully litigated the wrongful death lawsuit of Joseph John Sullivan.


Background and contact for Attorney Abraham Goldman who won this major legal action on behalf of the parents of Joseph Sullivan


Dr. Deborah Lonergan, Forensic psychologist now retired from the California Dept of Corrections, a key witness in the Sullivan Case



Richard Thomas, spoke on behalf of his deceased brother Greg Thomas who died a suspicious death at CSP Lancaster in July 2009 and can't get any information from CDCr about what happened


Linda Ward described how she was treated with derision after her sister Shirley Ward died suddenly in Dec, 2008. One year later still no answer, Chowchilla Women's Prison. Linda was an employee of the Dept of Defense for 20 years.


Quanah Parker Brightman, Vice President of the United Native Americans spoke about a more wholistic and healing
approach being needed for better results and less recidivism.


Rev. Andre Shumake, Richmond Improvement Association will speak about the years following the loss of his nephew Anthony Shumake over a simple dental infection.



Blanca Sullivan, mother of Joseph Sullivan and her husband Dan spoke about the murder of their son at the hands of employees of the Department of Corrections and called for accountability. They fought this David-and-Goliath battle in court for three long years and emerged victorious.

Theresa Vaughn, whose 20 yr old son Timothy Souders died after being tied down for four days on a cement slab has appeared several times on 60 Minutes. She sued and won several million dollars. She flew out from Michigan to deliver the message that video cameras are needed in all areas that house the mentally ill, which is a real control and actual evidence in court.

Nora Weber spoke about retaliation on families who file legal actions and the suffering of her son Mark Grangetto.

UNION director B. Cayenne Bird
provided updates on inmate lawsuits and support of other legal actions by private attorneys.

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