United For No Injustice, Oppression, Or Neglect

 Commitment Letter

Yes, I support the reform of the Criminal justice system through voting, letter-writing and demonstrating. I understand that in order to overcome the forces of repression and injustice, we must build a voting block larger than the one now destroying our lives.

 To do this, I am adding my name to the statewide communication network known as United for No injustice, Oppression or Neglect.

 When called upon, I will contribute in one or more of the following ways:

1. I am able and willing to write letters to appropriate officials and editors on topics suggested by and respond to one Letter Call to Action per week. I understand that writing letters to legislators is almost a total waste of time and will focus in on writing to editors, remembering to report all deaths and riots to the UNION.
Yes__________ No_______

 2. I am able and willing to be present at Demonstrations or important hearings called by the U.N.I.O.N. If I cannot be present, I will find someone to attend in my place. I realize large demonstrations are necessary before reform will happen. I will recruit other members and build the UNION so we can win with the power of numbers in action writing and demonstrating
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 3. I am a registered voter and I will vote for the candidates who support reform of the criminal justice system.

 I will find a way to receive a fax or an email so that I can be on stand-by alert and ready to respond to group movement.

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P.O. Box 340371
Sacramento, Ca. 95834-0371

Rev B. Cayenne Bird, Director - Email: Rightor1@aol.com
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