Injustice and Testosterone-driven Decisions Cause Public Killing Rages

We live in a police state where callous legislators are totally out of touch with the unwashed masses. This is evidently true in other states as well. The government, who can't do one thing right, is involved in every aspect of our daily lives. We allow it.

Children are trained to be good little hamsters for future work on yuppie treadmills or to be good little prisoners. Our bad system of education was adopted from Prussia. Things weren't this bad when the home was a place where families lived and educated their own children. People were just as smart back then, maybe even smarter. They didn't have children killing children.

Going back to the 50s, I saw more support of our young people. Today, a teen-ager told me that her uniform to become a cheer-leader and one week of training cost her $900. These recreational activities in the days of my youth were free. We were too busy with "cool" things to do to get into much more trouble than drinking a few beers at the drive-in. My mom was always home when I arrived from school, there were no latch-key children in those days.

People cared more, loved more, brought chicken soup when you were ill, told your mom when you pulled naughty stuff out of her sight. There was supervision.

My neighbor, a normal kid of 14-years-old was charged with a felony for his first fist fight at school. This young man's life is ruined by the government over a very minor, normal incident. Now he thinks of himself as a bad person.

Who the heck is this helping?

The newspapers report crime is down and the economy is up. We already know the crime statistics are the biggest lie ever told, so I wonder just what percentage of the population really has money.

What can be done about crime? Prevention, rehabilitation, support of our young people, a focus on restorative justice instead of retribution, electing leaders who are not murderers of the mentally ill, or who cannot be bought off by any special interest group who can afford the price tag. Proper medical care, a thriving economy for all, medication for the mentally ill would be basics.

A public who is educated about how the system is supposed to work and who does not stand idly by and tolerate injustice without massive demonstrations and marching in the streets is important. Our legislators allocated very little to real solutions to crime because of their obsession with prisons.

We are allowing this to happen.

The focus of the "me" generation perverted things, and we need to get back to recognizing that an injustice to one person violates us all. Some people who are the worst off are great humanitarians. We must look after our families first, of course, but there should always be room for the bigger picture and the good of the whole of society. Government has too much power and too much corruption. We need to end the anger by giving people a solution to vote the bums causing unbearable incompetence out of office.

The harsh approach is causing a great deal of crime and more and more retribution. The cycle is vicious, so it is up to the reformers (that's you and I) to get in and clean house with exposure, recalls, building a voting lobby, marching in the streets. Otherwise the downward spiral caused by the criminalization of so many citizens, especially our young people, will continue to bite us in the buttocks. The government isn't going to do this for us unless we insist through the power of the vote. The brightest citizens must organize and inform the others through the power of the pen. It will take work and courage, two elements sorely lacking in most people.

It is very unwise to live in the large cities right now. It is much harder to deliver justice when there are so many millions of people and literally no one doing serious oversight of these agencies which are out of control.

This is truly a freedom fight requiring a spirit which will not allow politicians to wipe their fannies on our Constitution. Destroying families for profit is evil and it's up to us to call a halt to it. No one is going to do your share for you. Building a voting block like the UNION is the only solution because too much hate is being created by those imposing a police state of cruelty and injustice.

You don't need a license to carry a mean pen. We simply must take our country back for the sake of our children and families. We can do it through the Democratic Processes established if everyone will just lose that slug-like energy level and victim mentality. Escapism, denial, an inability to live in the moment and confront the evil, this is never going to cause reform. People in the 30s took care of business. Will you?

B. Cayenne Bird, Journalist
Director of United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect (U.N.I.O.N. - A Statewide Organization of 4600 Teachhers, Social Workers, Psychologists, College Professors, 19 journalists and families of prisoners.)

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