Sex Offender Hysteria Good for Getting Votes and Keeping the Prisons Stocked but not much else
Dr. B. Cayenne Bird

Dr. B. Cayenne Bird is an ordained minister and a 37-year veteran op-ed journalist and publisher. She volunteers her time as founder and director of United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect UNION. The UNION is active in prison reform and criminal justice issues. She is a mother and grandmother and focuses on human rights and restorative justice. She is also the host of television series "Cayenne Common Sense" and publishes a daily online newsletter to subscribers. 

Picture caption: Mothers of every race and religion come together to issue this warning to California's parents. "Sex Offender Laws Endanger Your Teens and Young People much more than they protect them. Even more children will be left at the mercy of a broken foster care system where child molestation happens daily. Often when the politicians try and fix things, other things break - like lives."

Fear for your teens if either Jessica's Law gets voted in at the polls this November by the Repug voting machine made of law enforcement labor unions. All it takes to get a conviction for a sex offense in California is an accusation. If you saw the special series done by the San Jose Mercury News "Tainted Trials", you can see that the criminal justice system is corrupt arrest through parole.

The Repugs have floated an initiative campaign (Jessica's Law) paid for mostly by law enforcement including CCPOA prison guard's union (whose members mostly vote in the Repug party) that is so harsh that it forced the Dems to come up with a bill almost as ridiculous. Neither solve the problem of preventing mental illness that causes child molestation to occur.

The argument is not that some people are not guilty but this crime is often the result of child custody disputes and nasty divorces. Proper investigations would be a good investment because these certainly do not take place now. 

There are some people who do need to be removed from society but it would be better to protect the public safety to do it in a much more healing manner than is in place right now. Treatment works and the offenses that put mostly young people in these databases for life are not all the heinous types of crimes that the politicians would lead you to believe

It is very clear that Republicans are the source of the oppression on this nationwide sex hysteria and it's all profit and vote motivated. What I would like to share for my column today is some of the hundreds of letters from citizens with common sense who are now fearing for their teen-aged boys and young men. People were in denial for many years that the Repugs are in fact the source of Fascist laws that disregard the Constitution.

There is chaos in the states where these laws have been put into effect and not one can report effective results.

I am also including some links of important stories and studies at the end of the letters I received from citizens so that you can do your own research and see how fear mongering to get votes is what this horrible initiative is all about. I should specify that these letters are from everyday people and not politicians hell bent on filling the prisons to keep the human bondage industry going.

If anyone really wanted to help children, they'd be insisting on prevention of mental illness and cleaning up the foster care system which is rife with sexual child abuse. Recidivism according to many sources is 3% to 5% and very few of these are the "snatch and run" types. 

The internet is full of studies about treatment and prevention and as a real solution to the problem which isn't nearly as large as the political fearmongers would have you think.

The son you save by not voting in favor of Jessica's law might be your own as teens are being ensnared in similar laws across the country

Bring 20 people to the polls to vote against any candidate of either party backed by law enforcement labor unions. While these are mainly Repugs, there are those who pose as Democrats too. The punishers are from the dark ages and all this is about building budgets for more punishing. What we need is healing and we need to elect healers who are going to be smart on crime and come up with real solutions.

B. Cayenne Bird

Susan Randall

Child molestation witch hunts have already cost Bakersfield about 5 million in wrongful imprisonment payouts. This initiative jessica's law is a constitutional violation that extends incarceration beyond time served and parole. it really does nothing to prevent or heal the mental illness that causes child molesters to act out. That would be a more sensible vote getter which is what this is all about. The recidivism rate is 3.3% for child molesters. out of those 90% of the cases occur within families. often the accusations are part of a child custody dispute or divorce. All it takes is an accusation to be branded and marked for life. i urge that people not sign jessica's law since harsh laws already exist. What happens when a person wearing a tracking device gets on a bus it's important because 40% of all child molesters are under the age of 20. 

Studies show that rehabilitation works go to and researh this topic. A one size fits all law is very destructive to the people and doesn't really protect anyone. keep in mind in less than 10% of the cases was child molestation committed by a stranger and very few are the snatch-and-run type of crime. 

This is political hype and voters shouldn't be sucked in. Go to and read the myths.

The idea that all sex offenders committed heinous crimes just isn't the truth.

Dear Cayenne

GPS is basically a radio transmitter that works with 3 satellites to triangulate the source to a single point on the earth. If I had one on and went to the beach, I don't think it would work very well under the salt water. If I was clumsy and walked into things, I wonder if it might be damaged? If I were clever and wrapped my leg in tinfoil, I doubt much signal would be emitted. 

So what happens when I "go dark". The hunters don't even know where I am any more and won't until I come to get it fixed or unwrap my faraday shield (aluminum wrap). Now of course none of the parolees would think of doing anything like that, would they? These guys survived in prison and know how to make use of anything they can get their hands on. Weapons out of paper that can kill, booze out of anything that will ferment (ugh), drugs inside, etc, etc. How do you think they'll do once they get out and have everything available. Hell, it'll probably be a course on the internet. "Avoiding Surveillance 101".

What a colossally stupid idea!!! 

Bob D

Renee Bailey

Why don't the Republicans focus on the causes of the problem instead of using their law enforcement-based voting machine to destroy teens for the rest of their lives

What happens when a person wearing a tracking device gets on a bus?

This takes us back to the red letter days of the Puritans. Preventing substance and abuse and treating mental illness, building families would be much more productive toward protecting children. This isn't about that, it's about getting votes Don't vote for these crazy laws. YOU could get blamed in a child custody or divorce settlement. All it takes is an accusation and you're gone for life. The laws are harsh enough, check out the myths at

Monica Bates

They could make Jessica's Law retroactive and almost all our fathers would go to prison for molesting our mothers never mind that the age of consent is 16 in many states. This is insanity!

Think of the millions that are going to be wasted on this that should be put toward prevention of substance abuse and mental illness.

Gina Duran

Why is it the republicans are constantly getting tougher on crime and still theres no solution? Our prisons are still filled to the max and growing. The fact is it's not getting better, it's worst than ever. They keep using fear tactics to gain votes and using our kids to justify there lies, when in fact all they want is to ensure that this generation and future children will be sucked up in there evil laws and corrupt penal system. Their experience speaks for it's self....the lack of Medical care, also cruel and unsual treatment of the mentally ill suffering in our prisons. These evil Laws are destroying families not bring and kind of security to our children. "Dont sign Jessica's Law" it's, enough is enough.

Bob D.

I believe of the 100,000 registered sex offenders presently in the system about 30,000 are missing. But that may only be the number the "trackers" KNOW are missing. With GPS trying to track how many thousands is going to find a violator say at the Oregon border. How many hundred will travel daily in the big cities and fo into and out of "forbidden zones"? How about out of state travel? Which "sex crimes" will be on the list of never being free? A better idea is to outlaw alcohol...Oh yeah, we tried that didn't we? 

Getting of stupid unworkable laws meant only for the politician to get votes and grow the bureaucracy.

Alexis Endurance

Passing a Law,using a child's name,to win the public vote,is a disgrace, and very typical for "The Punishing Republicans",but for "Democrat Followers" to trail behind in agreement is worst. 

Just what we all need, more laws, wasting more tax dollars. We have enough harsh laws, that are now being utilized. We need to amend, the three strike law.The prisons, jails, juveniles have exploded, now, they are the victims of suicide, torture, mental and physical abuse, due to harsh laws already in place and you want more laws ? 

Not every sexual offender is a "Predator". We all want the "Predators" to be held accountable, of course ! 

We must remember to separate sex offenders, because there are lesser crime levels, of sex offenders. We must consider this, many of the lesser crime sex offenders, may be innocent. Do they need to be punished for life wearing a GPS Monitor? Not able to support their families,for life, because of their label for life. Imagine Your teenage son, or daughter,your grandparents, even yourself, enduring this kind of tracking for life. 

The citizens that are left,will have to pay,the health and welfare benefits, for the families of these offenders, and for the offender. We have more than enough people incarcerated. Don't you think? 

We must utilize common sense, to bring balance, and correct the laws, we already have,we should concentrate on this ,not create new problems for ourselves, in the name of our children. 

We are all just one step away,from being tracked too !! This is just the beginning of a controlled society, and they always start with the oppressed. 

As individuals we must be intelligent on crime !! 

We must think for ourselves, do not let the politicians create for us, an illusion of fear, to gain our vote's. 

Awaken Now !! Before it's too late for all of us !! 

Will the system insert a tracking device at birth, would you let that happen ???????

Dianna Starr

I agree with those that have already posted here. It all comes down to who will profit. You can bet your hard earned tax dollars it will not be the children. If it were these bills would be about prevention. Not about incarrceration. These people have hit there head. maybe they should be sent to prison where they could gamble if they were to be the inmate that dies that week for medical neglete. All this in a childs name. Shame on those who thought this one up. 


Roberta Franklin

I really agree with the comments already made. What is really frightening is te support for Bills like this by well named individuals like Oprah Winfrey. I understand when people are upset about children being molested, but there are many levels of sex offenders. The sad part is the system does not make that distinction and many innocent people are labeled forever. This has to stop or we will have prisons full to capacity over and over again. It is time for the Republikicans to wake up and deal with all of the political corruption instead of things like this.

Bob Goodman

There are no statistics anywhere that prisons, jails, juvenile halls and harsh laws do one thing to deter the mentally ill from acting out their illnesses. A better way to protect children would be to focus on preventing substance abuse and mental illness from happening in the first place. 

The recivism rate for child molesters is 3.3% which indicates that this type of criminal does not re-offend but for rarely and some of that 3.3% was to steal food because they are so destroyed for life that can't get a job. 

There are children attached to sex offenders who are often cast into the foster care system where the most child molestation is taking place. A better bill would be to clean up the foster care system.

There are about 1 million family members of 'sex offenders' living in California who are destroyed for generations over charges which often happen due to child custody fights and divorces.

All it takes to get convicted in today's corrupt courts is an accusation. More than half of sex offenders are under the age of 20

people don't want to stand up for sex offenders so good investigations are never done. Of those who made a mistake that is real, most do not receive treatment and all are mentally ill

it's a cheap shot to use a crime such as this one for fear mongering and vote getting, to waste millions of dollars on tracking devices and ranks of prison guards and law enforcement that could better be spent on prevention, education and rehabilitation.

Go to and read the series 'Tainted Trials" if you believe there is any justice in the courts.

The foster children are the ones who need help since 90% of the time this crime happens within families and not from a stranger.

Mentally ill people cannot follow the rules. That is what makes them mentally ill. Should they decide to act out their illnesses, and be one of the rare cases of child snatching, very rare, it could happen everywhere.

healing and prevention are much more sensible than adding to laws which are already harsh enough

no matter how much you punish the mentally ill, it will never discourage another mentally ill person from acting out their illness.

punishing the mentally ill in prisons and returning them much sicker to their communities where they cannot get work or ever have a life again is a non solution

Follow the money trail on jessica's law and you will see the CCPOA paid Sharon Runner hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These tracking devices are going to be a big profit center too.

The Republicans lied to everyone about 3 Strikes and Prop 21. it shouldn't happen again now and the legislators shouldn't be posturing 'tough on crime."

Smart on crime would protect children far more than this fear mongering paid for law enforcement labor unions to keep the prisons stocked which are so over-crowded now that there is a medical crisis.

Consideration should be given to the children of accused sex offenders. and the reasons why people are arrested ARE NOT for heinous crimes in the majority of cases. The fear mongers would leave you to believe that everybody in a database committed a horrible crime. This is not true. Time for the lies and political campaigns to stop as these bills are an act of violence against the people and do nothing to protect children or reduce crime


We must not allow ourselves to be fooled by the smoke and mirrors perpetrated by legislators, such as the ones whom are attempting to get Jessica's Law pass. It's political hype and has nothing to do with protecting our children. Just like the three strikes law was campaigned to be strickly for violent offenders and offenses, but look at who was caught up other than violent offenders. There were more people sentenced to 25 to life for nonviolent offenses under the 3 strikes law. We must be cautious and aware of the real intentions behind Jessica's Law. Also the cruel and inhumane treatment to imates and the mentally ill....these laws are evil. We need to wake up and stand up for what is truth and not allow ourselves to be played by the lies.

Susan Randall

"sex offender" encompasses a very broad range of people who committed a very broad range of actions. Some acts are by their very nature a sexual crime - no-brainers like: rape, flashing, etc.. others are not so black and white. 

For example, would anyone here (or reading) consider the following to be "sex offender" worthy crimes?

- peeing in an alley

- changing an diaper

- taking a photo of your ONE YEAR OLD breastfeeding

- grabbing a wayward teen by the arm to give her a piece of your mind for almost making a multi-car pileup

- grabbing your own crotch and making a crude comment

- asking a lady in a bar to go home with you

- engaging in consensual teen sexual behavior

If you said YES to any one of these, you are in the minority. Most people are blissfully unaware of what actually constitutes a "sex crime" today in America - unless or until they (or a family member) get swept up in this over-broad net and ever-farther-reaching and vaguely-worded laws. 

For all those instances mentioned above, there are newspaper articles published on each one - yes, each one is of a person who as been prosecuted and is now a sex offender for LIFE. The few listed above are representative of a growing number of Americans caught up in this net. It certainly makes juicy tv coverage, but it is a horrible un-ending nightmare for them *and their families.*

The current system has many glaring flaws. One of which is that the registry was initially internal - only law enforcement had access to it; it was intended to be for violent offenders. Then it took off as a tool for the public to protect themselves from those violent, repeat and habitual offenders. Now it has transmogrified into listing everyone who was ever adjudicated for anything even remotely able to be construed as sexual. 

Florida is have big problems with their sex offender laws. Teens have been ensnared and ruined for life. most people don't realize that 40% of sex offenders are under the age of 20, ruined for life.

A one size fits all law never works. Three Strikes has destroyed more people than it ever protected. many laws are one strike this is all political hype and does nothing to protect children.

the foster care system is where children are getting molested why isn't the focus on that?

Shirley Wetherwax

Do not pass Jessica's Law. The life you save may be your own son's. A simple statement by someone in the wrong frame of mind can cause a major court case costing thousands of dollars. The justice system is as corrupt as politics and voting taxpayers need to call a cease to laws that protect nobody. This is another of those laws. Get the facts and stop the hysteria. Child molesters are family members and close friends, not strangers who snatch your child off the streets. There is a very low percentage who do that and all the laws in the land will not stop it. Education and treatment of the mentally ill are the only answers. Wake up America and stop the insanity and hysteria. This law is doomed to place many young men behind bars for life. The life you save from voting against this ridiculous law could be your son. 

Alexis Endurance

Passing a Law,using a child's name,to win the publics vote,is a disgrace, and very tipical for "The Punishing Republicans",but for "Democrat Followers" to trail behind in agreement is worst. 

Just what we all need, more laws, wasting more tax dollars. We have enough harsh laws, that are now being utilized. We need to amend, the three strike law.The prisons, jails, juveniles have exploded, now, they are the victims of suicide, torture, mental and physical abuse, due to harsh laws already inplace and you want more laws ? 

Not every sexual offender is a "Predator". We all want the "Predators" to be held accountable, of course ! 

We must remember to separate sex offenders, because there are lesser crime levels, of sex offenders. We must consider this, many of the lesser crime sex offenders, may be innocent. Do they need to be punished for life wearing a GPS Monitor? Not able to support their families,for life, because of their label for life. ImagineYour teenage son, or daughter,your grandparents, even yourself, enduring this kind of tracking for life. 

The citizens that are left,will have to pay,the health and welfare benifits, for the families of these offenders, and for the offender. We have more than enough people incarcerated. Don't you think? 

We must utilize common sense, to bring balance, and correct the laws, we already have,we should concentrate on this ,not create new problems for ourselves, in the name of our children. 

We are all just one step away,from being tracked too !! This is just the beginning of a controlled society, and they always start with the oppressed. 

As individuals we must be intelligent on crime !! 

We must think for ourselves, do not let the politicans create for us, an illusion of fear, to gain our vote's. 

Awaken Now !! Before it's too late for all of us !! 

Will the system incert a tracking device at birth, would you let that happen ???????

Dianna Starr

And the Salem witches thought they had it bad. I totally agree with those who have already posted. You can tell things must be really slow at the Capitol. The monies that have already been spent and the millions that will be spent, would be better put to use on mental health for the offenders and investigating the accused. Someone will profit from this but it won't be the children. 

Alejandra Soprano

If prevention had been implemented,before three strikes,before Megan's law,before Jessica's law,we would now have a healing and manageable society. 

The" Bureau Rats", never listen to, common sense ideas.

The Greatest mistake was when,they closed our state mental hospitals. 

These institutions where in place for a good common sense reason.

The harsh call of closing these hospitals,diverted all mentally ill, to the streets,putting our public safety at high risk. Did they care about this then ?????? !!!!!!! 

These mentally ill, committed crimes to survive, which lead them to suicide,to be killed and many where incarcerated, slowly filling the jails,and prisons, which are exploding now.

Our state leaders did not care about them, they should have known there would be repercussions.Their mental care and needs, where abandoned by the state.

Now these" Bureau Rats", say they want to protect our children, well many of those in state hospitals, where our children too !! They did nothing to correct that. It was not an important enough cause.

It was more of a money maker to have them in prisons and jails. 

Prisons for profits are a lucrative business resource.

They didn't care if these mentally ill went to prison and became further damaged. 

Now "The Bureau Rats", are using the "sex offenders", by lumping them up in one generic category, placing cruel and unusual laws, punishing all sex offenders as "Predators" !! 

They think they are the "Saviors" of Our" Children ???????? 

I don't , think so !!! ????? 

They have not saved my children, I have been too busy saving, my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, from them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I don't want more government in my life. I know how to protect my children, except from their corrupt court system and everything attached to them !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I highly disapprove of "Jessica's Law", or any other fear based trick,so they can capture an emotional vote, in the name of "Our Children" !!!!! 

No Way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel Arraiga

Sharon & George Runner R in charge of the worst managed prison in CA.I know becuz my son was killed there.As a result the warden was demoted to a lower job & a cruel sgt was fired. What should have happend is that both of them were prosecuted.How could anything as complex as GPS tracking devices be managed by these two bungling legislators?They R just out to get votes for the Republican party & they taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from Law Enforcement labor unions,especially CCPOA.This is an act of VIOLENCE against the people.

Dear Cayenne:

Sharon and George Runner have accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Law Enforcement labor unions which is well documented in the San Francisco Chronicle and other places. They work for them, not for the people.

Larry Tietch

Subject: LA Times Sees thru Political sex offender hysteria Rightor1 

How about some very good news that your messages are getting through, keep them going to all media outlets in California. If you don't care enough to straighten people out about political fear mongering then don't complain about your problems. Silence allowed the 3 strikes law, the worst thing you can ever be is silent and loosely organized or assume someone else is going to do your share of the writing. You're making progress but there are still many points that the journalists need to learn from you. WRITE to save lives.

February 7, 2006 


Tracking bad policy 

2/06/2006 02:59 AM 

Politics slow sex offender laws 

Democrats, GOP face off in battle to create harsher penalties 

By Steve Geissinger, SACRAMENTO BUREAU

Inside Bay Area 

Scientific study on rehabilitation of sex offenders 

Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Sex crime bill may snare teens 

By JILL YOUNG MILLER The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 01/25/06 A broad new law to toughen sentences for sex offenders who assault children is one of the main goals of Georgia's Republican leaders. 

But critics say some children themselves might be caught in the proposed law's net — for at least 25 years. The House bill also might send some teens who engage in consensual sex to prison, critics say. 

Teenagers 13 through 16 who are prosecuted in adult court for rape or aggravated crimes of sodomy, child molestation and sexual battery would face a mandatory sentence of at least 25 years under House Bill 1059, according to an analysis by the Barton Child Law & Policy Clinic at Emory's School of Law. The current penalty under Georgia law is at least 10 years. 

"I'm very scared for kids with this legislation," said Beth Reimels, the clinic's managing attorney. 

The bill also might punish some teens who engage in sexual activity with each other, critics say. They hasten to say they don't condone teen sex but know it happens. If the bill passes, a youth of 13, 14, 15 or 16 who engages in mutual sexual activity with a child under 14 could be prosecuted for aggravated sexual crimes, tried as an adult and face a minimum 25-year sentence. The age of the younger child makes the crime an "aggravated" one. (go there for the rest of this eye opener) 

Fri, Jan 20, 2006 6:33pm EST 

O'Reilly misrepresented SF Chronicle's objections to sex offender bill 


Why do the Republicans lie so much about the facts? Because the databases and tracking systems are big profit centers to law enforcement. law enforcement votes in the Republican party and they understand how to organize. That is the only reason in the world their Fascism controls your life. Register the poor to vote as liberals everywhere you go. They are trompling constitutional rights at every level of the government


Treatment works. Ignorant statements made by politicians are giving no consideration to the destructiveness of harsh laws These are "vote getters" with no intelligent basis. 

Alexander, M.A. (1999). Sexual offender treatment efficacy revisited. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 11 (2), 101-117. 

Ahlmeyer, S., English, K., & Simons, D. (1999). The impact of polygraphy on admissions of crossover offending behavior in adult sexual offenders. Presentation at the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers 18th Annual Research and Treatment Conference, Lake Buena Vista, FL. 

Ahlmeyer, S., Heil, P., McKee, B., and English, K. (2000). The impact of polygraphy on admissions of victims and offenses in adult sexual offenders. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 12 (2), 123-138. 

Columbia University's Health Q & A Service 

Hey Alice, Is it true that sex offenders cannot be cured and are likely to continue their unacceptable behavior for the rest of their lives? 

Dear Reader, A "sex offender" is the legal term for a person who has been arrested and legally convicted of a crime such as: 

rape sexual abuse forcible touching sexual behavior with a child facilitating sexual behavior with a controlled substance unlawful imprisonment patronizing or promoting sex workers distributing, creating, or possessing child pornography incest unlawful surveillance There's been a lot of debate over the psychology of sex offenders, and studies have produced varying results. Enough evidence, though, suggests that sex offenders are not exactly "incurable." To be more specific, some sex offenders have been shown to respond to treatment and rejoin society without committing any further crimes. Studies have even shown that sex offenders are less likely to commit additional crimes than other sorts of criminals, partly because the shame of being caught and placed on trial can serve as a deterrent against future offenses. go there for the rest

The entire system is corrupt arrest through parole and has chewed up more families than it ever helps. Law enforcement has taken over the Repug party and bought and paid for the legislators to keep the prisons stocked with people. 

B . Cayenne Bird

Florida is having problems with similar laws

Study urges clarifying data on sex offenders

By Stephanie Slater

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The state's Internet registry of sex offenders and predators does not discern a pedophile from a man who groped a woman at a music festival 10 years ago.

That needs to change, a state policy review agency says

Dear B. Cayenne Bird,

My name is Steve Elwell and I am a Tier 1 sex offender. I was a 27 year old teacher who had a consensual sexual relationship with my 17 year old manager. Yes I was completely in the wrong and I am paying a MAJOR price for my mistake. I served one full year in a state prison and am now married with two children and THEY are the ones that are suffering for my mistake. 

I even went public about these living restrictions and am now being supported by the ACLU in a law suit against Lower Twp, NJ. 

I am not trying to CLEAN my record, I was wrong and PAID the price but I am FAR from a pedophile and am in NO way a DANGER or MONSTER to society. I did recently apply for a pardon in NJ and was denied. I only applied for a pardon since I am trying to help my family out the fastest in getting a normal life of giving my children their daddy. 

I just want to do DADDY things with my children. take them to the park to play, take a walk on the Cape May boardwalk, take my daughter to dance class and watch her perform in a show, take my son to a High School Football game, etc. I really do not know what you people can do for people like me but I do have to say I read an article by Mrs. Bird and was at least excited that someone does understand that these extended laws and "Double Jeopardy" ordinances are punishing more then the Offender. It's hard enough to get by each day but as my kids get older I know it is only going to get harder for them. 

I have been out of prison for almost four years and abided by ALL the laws I was put under but see NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. My wife and I were on the "TODAY SHOW" (August) talking about how unfair these ordinances to people trying to move on with their lives. After the show we heard from many people throughout the USA that were very supportive of what we were trying to do. We had ONLY one negative person from California call but you have to expect some Ignorant people in the world. 

Take this letter for what it is worth and again I really do not care what you think of me but I do appreciate what Mrs. Bird was talking about how these NEW laws are effecting the families. What is hard for my wife and I is that we are still both very much for Megan's Law but the original law. The one that was to help protect our children from the REPETITIVE and COMPLUSIVE offenders or even the SNATCH and grab people. 

Not to punish and RE-Punish people that made very stupid mistakes. I just want to give my wife and my family what they gave me, which was FULL support and a chance at a new life. I do not want to keep punishing my family and my kids futures b/c of something that I did 8 years ago. I really think that there will be more problems with all of these restrictions and kids will actually be LESS SAFE b/c of some of the offenders that have NO support, or NO family help and have nothing to lose by recommitting another crime. I feel for the people that are going to think that their children are actually going to be safer by these laws when in reality they are going to probably be in more danger from these "FEEL GOOD LAWS"

God Bless and thank you for your time reading this,

Steven T. Elwell

Mr. Elwell is brave to expose his life and personal experience. The best way to defend and protect our children from mentally ill sex offenders is to deal with mental illness prevention and healing itself.

Not to make people much sicker for the sake of a politician's glory who may not even be guilty or be guilty of a much lesser crime. Why do people think there is justice in the courts? Because they’ve never been on trial or had a loved one on trial to see just how perverted things can get.

What is the true incidence of Snatch and Run child molesters. There are some but who is getting caught up in this broad net?


Here is a Fact / Myth about sex offenders. 

Some other agruing points is why do murders get to live where they want? Drug Dealers? 

I was not able to go out for Halloween with my children so why should Convicted Drunk Drivers get to go out on New Year's Eve. There is a tiering system for a reason and only about 3% of sex offenders actually RE-Commit another sexual Crime. About 28% commit another crime (robbery, shop lifting, etc) only b/c NOBODY will hire them and they have NO way of getting through the day not to mention the public will not give ANY SEX OFFENDER a chance b/c politicians and media have made ALL sex offenders into animals that can not be TRAINED to adjust to live among other NORMAL people. 

The scope of these laws are TOO WIDE and COST to tax payers is absolutely a huge overload. People are living in fear b/c the public thinks every sex offender is a SNATCH AND GRAB person where those people are only 6% of the people on Megan's law. Most 35% of the people on Megan's Law are under the age of 25 and most of them dated a girls less then 5 years younger (14 y/o and 19 y/o)

This is where I have a problem the public says that Minors can not have CONSENUAL SEX. yet in our society more and more teenagers are having babies! They obviously are having sex and know the consequences but to say a 16 , 17 or 18 does not know what they are doing is abserd. 

Last point if politicians are RETROACTIVATING the sentences of sexofeenders then lets go back into our nation and look at ALL the people that were married to a minor. in the 20's the avg age of someone getting married was 19. So are you telling me most of those people did not know what consenual sex was? How many people would have been listed as a sex offeneder? Not to mention less people got divorced then also compared to 49% of all marriages today

Hope something helps that I wrote

Steve Elwell

talking points for discussion:

1. Statutory rape is often a consentual crime. Since prop 21 where 14 

year olds can be tried as an "adult" for violent crime why can't consent be given by a 17 year old or even a 14 year old if it is a "sex" crime? How many 18 year olds and up will have the stigma of a bracelet for life? Other rapes are he said, she said crimes that the 

courts have chosen to judge where there is truly no evidence other than hearsay and hyperactive prosecutors.

2. One size fits all is bad law. This is very bad law.

3. Intense review is never given and the law of unintended 

consequences comes into effect. Look at 3 Strikes and consider the teen 20 years ago who stole a joy ride and picked up a few felonies. 

Now he shouts the wrong thing in an argument and goes away for 25 to life for "terrorist threat". No one foresaw that happening nor wanted 

it except prosecutors.

4. How can it be enforced? The present tracking system is a total failure, thousands are missing. What size of a bureaucracy will be 

needed to monitor thousands 24/7? What if one drives through LA? How many times will the alert be sounded on a bus going through the city? 

Who will respond? How? What will happen to him?

5. Why can't these laws have a time limit on them? Try it for a few years and then it expires automatically. If the legislature thinks it 

was a good law, it is passed again. If not, it dies. No more a 60% requirement to correct an error in the law.

6. Any adult on adult crime should not qualify for denial to see children. It is punitive and counterproductive for both the adult and 

the child.

Republican voter sings me praises - remember that most voters are not aware that the politicians do not represent them, only the law enforcement labor unions. When I am blasting Repugs, I am talking about the politicians, not the unaware voters registered in the wrong party.

Dear B. Cayenne Bird:

Bravo on this wonderful article!

I have to confess I am both a devout Christian and generally a Right-leaner on many issues. As such, it is a huge indictment on the Right that it takes someone on the Left to advocate true Christian values when it comes to law enforcement issues. Jesus would be -- I firmly believe IS, present tense -- appalled at the vindictive, judgmental, self-righteous, forgiveness-withholding spirit that grips people claiming to be His followers (as most on the Right do). That is the direct opposite of what He taught. It is evil.

I even tend to favor true "tough on crime," in the sense of holding people accountable for their own sins and crimes and not letting them hide behind blaming someone else. But once a fair sentence has been handed down and served, once people like drug and sex offenders have completed therapy for that part of their behavior that is due to mental deficiencies, any further contempt and vindictiveness is utterly un-Christian.

Those attitudes were, in fact unproductive and uncalled for from the start. It is incumbent on sinners to show a great deal of humility when it becomes necessary to sit in judgement of other sinners. "There but for the Grace of God go I" is not a quote from the Bible, but it is just a true as anything there.

Perhaps my only criticism of your article was the area that includes this quote: "Only about one visit every 90 days is going to be possible ... This is not rehabilitative..."

No ma'am, it is most certainly not rehabilitative. But that is the point. The law enforcement labor unions, which you so appropriately decry, do not WANT prisoners to be rehabilitated. Rehabilitated prisoners do not come back to prison, and any business needs repeat customers. My strong suspicion is that the Republican politicians don't want rehabilitation to happen either. Being able to haughtily intone, "these people always re-offend," is a vote-getter. Perhaps this article was not the place for that rant, but I would love to see you make it. I'm sure you see my point and agree with it.

Thank you for being a voice of reason on this issue!

-T. S.

Has everyone in America stopped thinking? What earthly good is a GPS monitoring device placed on a parolee for life when most molesters (over 90%) are family members or close friends? Find out the statistics and stop the hysteria. Crimes against children are horrible and something should be done to prevent them, however the road to prevention is help for the mentally ill. 

The cost to taxpayers causes debate and hardship. Less expensive would be preventative measures to lower the number of innocent children who are molested, raped or scarred in other ways. Prison and tough on crime tactics do not work with the mentally ill. They need treatment in mental hospitals and medication to keep them stable. All the laws in the land are not going to prevent crime. Prison never has lowered crime rates. Education and treatment are the keys to the solution, not laws and monitoring devices. Stop relying on politicians to find the answers and demand education and treatment rather than waste money on monitors and more highly paid guards to oversee the program. 

Shirley Wetherwax

This is an older article but it still has great information in it. Question everything this is political hype running amok 

From the Bureau of Justice, very low recidivism rate, very few cases are of the snatch-and-run type, 90% or more cases happen within families or a known person, less than 10% happen from strangers.

Of the 9,691 male sex offenders released from prisons in 15 States in 1994, 5.3% were rearrested for a new sex crime within 3 years of release. 

Of released sex offenders who allegedly committed another sex crime, 40% perpetrated the new offense within a year or less from their prison discharge. 

To the top of summary findings 

Child victimizers

Approximately 4,300 child molesters were released from prisons in 15 States in 1994. An estimated 3.3% of these 4,300 were rearrested for another sex crime against a child within 3 years of release from prison.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 

16-year-old Warren boy charged with sex crimes WARREN - A Warren teenager is in custody after police became privy to a series of alleged sexual encounters he had with two younger girls. Last month police charged the 16-year-old boy with four counts of first-degree child molestation and two counts of second-degree child molestation after he allegedly had sexual intercourse with two 13-year-old girls —both Warren residents. The second-degree molestation charges stem from other incidents in which inappropriate touching was involved.

go there for the rest of stories teens will be classified with child murderers for having sex with each other.

From Sentencing law and policy - law professor blogs network - the links to the various items he references are also quite interesting Law professors fear for the teens 

May 1, 2005 

Sex (offenders) in the city 

Jessica's Law website quotes a 1998 study but chooses to quote statistics which are incorrect for child molester's. There is a more recent study. Recidivism in both the 1998 and 2003 statistics for child molester's who re=offend are 3.3% This is the question. Why are the promoters of the initiative misleading the public? 

June 14, 2005 edition 

Overreach Over Child Molesters

The Monitor's View 

The abuse of a child by a sexual offender is a despicable crime, for which every parent and law enforcement officer ought to be on the alert. 

In the Monitor

Friday, 02/03/06

B. Cayenne Bird 

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