Below are sound tracks of five of the UNION television episodes of "Cayenne Common Sense". They are airing throughout California on Public Television and cable channels.  You may save and email these files as each one is only l.6 MB. VHS tapes are available for a small fee to distribute to colleges and other Community groups.  Public education is everyone's job. These are great tools for prison reform activists. A great deal of talent and labor went into producing these shows. All of the guests are families of prisoners.

Hidden Costs of Incarceration Your Legislators Don't Want You to Know About
Host B. Cayenne Bird and Frank Courser discuss how prisons and jails are breaking the hearts and state budget of Californians.


Lockdowns are Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Host B. Cayenne Bird and Bob Driscoll of the Catholic Detention Ministry describe how Lockdowns are abused in California's prisons resulting in severe mental illness, depression and isolation of inmates, making them much worse off than before they were incarcerated.



Visiting Regulations Separate Families
Host B. Cayenne Bird and Bob Driscoll of the Catholic Detention Ministry discuss how the new visiting regulations adversely affect famlly ties.


Package Ban Rips Off Inmate Families
Host B. Cayenne Bird and Publisher Jo Ann Fawcett Richards discuss the $240 million money grab forcing vendor packages on inmate families that impractical and overpriced.



State Murder By Medical Neglect
Host B. Cayenne Bird, Frank Courser and Ann Kiliz, the mother of inmate Beverly Diaz discuss a mother's struggle to free her daughter from prison to get a transplant. Beverly Diaz' two children also appear on the show.



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