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Mark Grangetto - Being Starved to Death

December 15, 2008

Dear Cayenne and UNION members' 

On Friday the 12th. of December the Federal Judge decided to appoint me as Mark's Guardian Ad Litem so the Federal Lawsuit can continue forward. The Attorney General argued that the State should be appointed as the Guardian of Mark.  The judge did not agree with that idea, he said he did not think the State would be an appropriate appointment. 

The Lawsuit will now move forward and will probably take about one year to complete. 

Just last week the Dr. at Corcoran Prison Acute Care Hospital told Mark that if he was taking his insulin that he would be put back on the main yard and out of the hospital. What a stupid thing for a doctor to say. He knows Mark is scared to death of being put on the main yard, after being stabbed 11 times while sitting in his wheelchair. It sure sounds like to me that doctor doesn't want Mark to take the insulin with a comment like that.  They are probably hoping Mark will die and then that will be the end of the lawsuit. 

Remember back in mid 2004 when we were all begging the Warden Darrell Adams not to put Mark in the SHU at Corcoran because Mark was so sick and crawling around on the floor when they wouldn't even let him have his wheelchair. They gave Mark only a thin mattress laying on the floor in the SHU cell and Mark was starving to death with the diabeties and saving molded bread so he would have something to eat.  It was then that Darrell Adams told me "our job is to see to it that he spends his time in the SHU." 

Then Darrell Adams was the Warden of CSATF.  Now he is the Warden of both CSATF and Corcoran State Prison, and guess what Mark is still in the SHU, except now they have Mark on a SHU assignment while he is in their so-called acute care hospital at Corcoran State Prison.  Evidently Darrell Adams really wants to see Mark spend his life on a SHU assignment.  Because, he sure has followed through with the SHU assignments. 

Well Darrell Adams is one of the people getting sued in the Federal Lawsuit. 

Wish us well,   Nora 

June 2008

Nora Weber has a note she wants to share with everyone about her exciting news....

Dear UNION members and friends

You missed out on a big----event.

I cancelled doctors appointments that were very serious indeed. I rode a bus for over 16 hours round trip from Bakersfield to San Francisco for the hearing on May 30th. with Judge Henderson and Judge Karlton. i.e. one Judge was present by a sattellite connection because he could not get a plane out of Los Angeles Airport.

But what a hearing it was. Rev. B. Cayenne Bird came early along with  other dedicated UNION members  to rally in front of the Federal Courthouse where the hearing on capping the prison population was to take place.  Rally we did. We made signs and walked up and down the area in front of the Federal Courthouse as Television Station  KTVU Channel 2 with (Rita Williams) the reporter heard our pleas for help and broadcasted our news.  She filmed our activity and individually interviewed each one of us. 

You really mised out on a big event if you were not present and it was your once in a lifetime opportunity to be seen and heard.  I personally took pictures of my son at one time when I visited him and KTVU covered the story. Upon returning home, I sat for numerous hours on end to publish those video websites to every article I could possibly find to post to. Mostly those that Rev. Cayenne Bird would send me via e-mail.  Since that event I have learned that my son has been given a Memorandum granting approval of re-sentencing to a Skilled Nursing Facility and out of the prison system. As my son Mark Grangetto D-40372 is legally blind I cannot yet get a copy of that report. I am working on gettng it as I write this. I will keep you posted on any updates. 

If you really care about your loved one locked away in a prison concrete tomb you will be at the next rally and you will help to fund the needs of Rev. Bird for office supplies and secretarial help. I did go to the doctor when I got back and had five polyps removed from my Colon and they adjusted my thyroid medication because I was on the edge of having a stroke.  This Just goes to show you that we can still fight when we are down but not yet out. 

God bless you in your struggle but don't complain if you are not willing to put everything you've got into the battle. 
Nora Weber 

This is great news!

Nora Weber and the core UNION members fought 24/7  for three long years to get Mark out of the prison system into a skilled nursing facility. We were fighting for all prisoners with this campaign, even the ones where their parents did not even attempt to do anything for them due to illiteracy or lack of motivation.

In 100% of the cases where we had several hits of news coverage, CDCr has done the right thing. Remember that we got Danny Provencio,  a dead man, paroled  after seven rounds of international press coverage. Frank Courser and I, along with 60 other UNION members got Beverly Diaz released after we wrote, filmed and recorded a television show ourselves and sent it to 100   TV stations.

Justice nevers gets done unless YOU make the public outcry to the media and show up with crowds to important hearings. CDCr does not want the truth in the newspapers, which is why the media is banned from being able to interview specific prisoners such as Mark Grangetto.

You can't win in court 99% of the time.

Judges, lawmakers and lawyers cannot rescue you without a large, funded group and public outcry (this means lots of press coverage and protests from and by YOU)
Had you been writing to editors and recruiting in more numbers,   we could have done much more and done it much faster without wearing our main volunteers out with it.

I will never forget Nora Weber's fighting spirit in spite of insurmountable odds, her great financial sacrifice of her retirement money to her legal case which benefitted us all, and how she stood in San Francisco that day so sick that she was about to fall on her face fighting for her son. 

As we wind down prison reform, remember all the campaigns we won and what it took, so that if you have a chance to organize in the future, you will be more supportive of advocates and not be looking for a rescue without doing any work or spending any money.

The fighting spirit and willingness to do the basic writing and recruiting is not something that anyone can do for you. The power of numbers generates press coverage and attention and there is no other way.  The journalists can only cover what other people say and other people do - such as protesting or filing a lawsuit.  Your enemy is the Republican voting block. Your enemy is inaction when things are on the table. Your enemy is illiteracy and a lack of knowledge by too many people about how the system works.

If the poor all voted and supported their own advocates, the world, and especially California, would be a different place.

If you want to see just a tiny bit of what this three year campaign to get ONE prisoner medical care took out of us, here is some of the history of it.  This would have happened much sooner if everyone had participated instead of off in a thousand un-related directions that have no relationship TO DECISIONS BEING MADE RIGHT NOW.  TODAY.

This sets a precedence for you in your future and there is no way that you can repay the people who brought us to this place in time.

Mark hasn't been moved yet, anything could happen, but I seriously doubt that CDCr will ignore the fact that we can -AND WE WILL- continue to get press coverage on his plight.  It works every time but it takes incredible effort to get it when so many people won't show up when and where they are needed.  Small crowds rarely generate the press coverage we need.

We have people in the UNION whose loved ones are brain dead, paraplegics, quadriplegics, who desperately need medical care.  That's why I called you all to San Francisco, so you could stand up for your loved one now and in the future.  Don't think you may not have to cross Nora Weber's bridge some day.....if you're not already in the same predicament.

At least you know the formula for what you will need to do for yourself in the future.

We are standing on the verge of major prison reform because of our many lawsuits and campaigns, because we showed teeth in a real way, and because we supported the right advocates when they needed us to be there to put a human face on the suffering that no one sees.

Needless to say, I am delighted with this news, and when he gets transferred, I will announce this final victory that everyone who participated brought about.  We are very close and I believe it is going to happen.  One victory is a victory for us all.

Rev. Cayenne

I believe it is this coverage that has caused the biggest movement to date. Thank you Rita Williams and all the crew at Channel 2 Fox News in San Francisco.  There were other reporters who wanted to cover it but the attorney on the case at the time wouldn't permit it.  Never let your attorney kill your press coverage.  Things that go on in the dark are deadly and the judges can get away with doing anything they want to you.  Always keep it out there.




California Progress Report


Nora Weber 

October 12, 2007 at 07:42 PM 

I am waiting for Governor Schwarzenegger to sign into law AB 1539. I wrote to Dr. Ayson at North Kern State prison and asked him if in his opinion my son would qualify under AB 1539 for release. I got a letter back from saying, we will take up this issue when the bill passes. He would not commit to a firm answer. 

My fear is that the re-sentencing part of the bill will take forever while our loved ones sit in a concrete tomb (prison cell, alone) to their death. Why does the California Department of Corrections (CDCR) want to keep these helpless people until they have drawn their last breath? 

You can bet I will keep my son on a breathing machine and everything else just to make the State of California pay for the torture they have put him through by not providing proper medical care, housing, food and water at times during the last 17 years of his confinment. All because of an accidental motorcycle wreck when he was sentenced to 20 to life. 

August 22, 2007

What does a mother say to her organically brain-damaged son from birth dying in prison due to medical neglect when no one will help him or her?  this crisis is real folks, we need to be dead serious with this work...

Dear Cayenne:

Last night Mark called me and said he was very sick and in so much pain he couldn't sleep. He said the prison personnel brought a Health Care Directive in for him to sign. He told them he had one with his mom and he refused to sign the one they brought him. He has not taken any insulin now for three days, and he is having some severe chest pains.  He said he didn't want to die but there was no other way for him to get out of the pain and out of prison. Personally I don't think it gets any worse than this. 

Nora Weber

August 22, 2007 

Mark Grangetto D-40372 
North Kern State Prison IN-09
P.O. Box  5000 
Delano, Ca., 92316-5000 

My Dearest Mark: 

I am very glad that you called me last night. I had been up since 2:00 a.m. the night before worried about another ridiculous trip to the Hanford Court House. The Attorney General's office was trying to have me removed from being your Guardian. Naturally the prison personnel want to do everything they wish and not be accountable to anyone. So they want me off the record. As long as I have your permission to be your Guardian they will not get me off the record.  That is exactly why you and I did the Advance Health Care Directive that you signed and it was notarized. We did it so I could see to your safety and make sure that your wishes were carried out.  That way they couldn't sneak around and do things without having to be accountable for their actions. I am positive you agree with me. 

Believe me I understand all the pain you are going through.  I have read all about the medical conditions that you have, and every medical report talks about the associated pain and nausea. Sometimes I will get nauseated at night just thinking about your condition. I can get out of bed and go get some 7-up to help settle my stomach, and then I think of you, where there is no place you can go for any relief except lay in that prison cell and suffer. Your severe chest pains are not a good sign. 

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Sometimes my heart gets so heavy with frustration and worry for your condition that I become unable to move.  There are no words to tell you how much I am concerned for your safety and well being. 

If there is any peace I can bring to your mind I would do it in a heart beat. Just know that my spirit and thoughts are with you day and night, and that I sit by your bed at all times. I see your face in my mind and wonder how I could have made things better for you?  I don't know how a parent can lose a child and survive. This is the hardest thing either one of us have faced in our entire life. It is the final parting of our lives, and how do we face it? 

Mark you have grown to great maturity. If there is ever such a thing as rehabilitation you have certainly reached it in your mental understanding.  On the outside we are always so busy just trying to get through one day and then another. There is no time to stop and take a real accounting of life. You have taken on a real understanding in the category of life. I am proud to have you as my son. There could never be a kinder soul than you. They say no good deed goes un-punished, and that surely is true in your life. Your kindness to Terry Parnell, and your trust, even when she was lying, has taken your life. What a bloody shame. 

If there are any comforting words I can say to you, it is that I love you from the bottom of my heart. On the whole, human beings are a cruel and unforgiving bunch of lunatics. There is a price to pay for such behavior, and we see the results of that hennas behavior, every day, around the world as we slaughter human beings for a barrel of oil. We have only to see ourselves as a small part of a huge picture, and even a smaller part of the real problem. 

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As these maniacs kill people, little do they know that their busy days are only filled with borrowed time. We work so hard to build buildings and build houses, that we prefer to call homes, and yet those buildings sit empty from wall to wall because, without compassion for a human life, we are empty of caring. Without caring there is no will to live. Suddenly when we are ready to leave this world nothing seems to matter much anymore. So everything we have struggled for all of our lives seems so un-important. It is only by our good deeds that we have performed along the way that will make it easier to lay our heads down in peace. 

You have been a very kind human being all of your life, never intentionally harming even a fly. You always tried to help your friends even though it ended in a bad result. You've always had some kind words to say to people even under the worst of conditions. That is the real test of a very good character, which you have. 

This country has a horrible prison system, that have destroyed many a life, and will destroy many more before they learn that punishment is not the answer to creating a good human being. The Court system is completely and 100% screwed up as those little black robed Gods declare "justice for all".  It is tyranny for the poor and feeble minded, not justice. 

It is, as you have said, they will probably never release you. I fail to see what will be gained by their punishment to the minute of your death. Why they won't release you after you have served seventeen (17) years in prison for an accidental motorcycle accident is beyond my scope of common sense.  If punishment to death has served mankind in any way, then I will confess they have successfully accomplished their goal. 

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I have begged for them to release you, all to no avail. I only wanted to give you some quality of life for a while during your final days. Obviously compassion for a human life is too much to ask for in a sick and decaying society.  Mark, if there is one person on this earth that cares for you, it is me. 

Dr. Ayson the CMO has refused to sign for a compassionate release. I don't understand why when they know you are dying. We can only pray for human compassion, and hope that Dr. Ayson can find it in his heart to be understanding. 

I love you more than words or expressions could ever tell you. I won't be too far behind you as we go in peace when we lay our heads down. 

Love Mom, 

Nora Weber 

AUGUST 15,  2007

North Kern State Prison
Dr. Flores, all medical staff,
Prison and State Personnel

Re: Mark Grangetto D-40372

Dear Madam and Sirs:

            It is now obvious to me that you are only concerned with legal protection and/or cover-up of medical neglect and torture that has been occurring for many years in your prison system. Even the Courts will grant you immunity. This systematic method of abuse and torture has driven my son to the point of hopelessness and despair. Mark does not trust you in even the most remote definition of the word "trust". 

            I am instructing you to stop all forced medication, and provide Mark with pain medication sufficient for him to be relieved of suffering during the remaining time left for him to be alive. It shall be Mark's choice of treatment and medication he agrees to, or refuses to accept from you.

            Please tell my son, Mark that I love him as he is leaving this world because, I cannot be there to comfort him. You only have to explain your deeds performed for a human life to yourself, as you lay down to sleep at night, for you do not have to explain them to me. 

            I realize that you do not, under any circumstances, intend to release my son Mark.
Maybe you can see fit to release him in death. Please notify me immediately of his demise and I will arrange appropriate transportation to the funeral home of my choice. I absolutely do not want an autopsy performed. Please release his body to me in his natural state. 

            It is my opinion that the Courts and your prison system have provided all the punishment and torture necessary to take a human life. Please see if you can find it within your level of compassion, if you have any, to provide just a little comfort to Mark during the remaining days or weeks of his life. Thank you. 


Nora Weber 

July 2, 2007

Rev. Cayenne and UNION members:

Mike Davis, an attorney was there from the CDC. They said the offer to settle was so low from the CDC it was insulting even to him.  We paid our Jury fees and Court Reporter cost we are ready for trial. Then the Judge told them that Dr. Greenough is also being sued. That kind of changed things, I think.

Attorney  Cindy Cannon was told to submit a Global Offer on all the lawsuits we have filed and it will go in for consideration from the CDC.  Under no conditions will the CDC release Mark even if they offer a cash settlement, they want to keep Mark.

 There is only two ways Mark will ever get released. One, on a Compassionate release or two, when they haul his dead body out to the City Morgue. What a damn shame. We can keep suing the hell out of them and no release will ever be in sight for Mark. They said they will not give in because, it would set a precedent in the Court and other prisoners would have the same right to release. AB1539 has got to pass or all our kids will die in prison regardless of how sick or tortured their bodies become.  I can't write any more right now. 


May 28, 2007

the torture of Mark Grangetto continues.  Is it any wonder that the prisoners commit suicide? I wonder what the suicide rate is for their families who are all emotiionally all doing time too?

Rev. Cayenne

When I saw Mark today at North Kern State Prison his feet were very swollen and he said they were giving him enemas every three days to make his colon work. He said they have a big stack of diapers in his room.There is a problem Mark can't change the diapers with one hand.

Mark said sometimes before he can get from the bed to the toilet his kidneys will lose control and he wets on himself. The other day he was trying to make it and fell out of the wheelchair and had to lay in the floor until someone finally came to his room.

Two nights ago when they gave him an enema he tried to get them to change his diaper before they went off duty on a shift change.  They did not change the diaper and he had to lay in his own feces all night long in a diaper. Mark said many of those workers in the Infirmary cannot speak English.

What would you recommend I do at this point. Are Mark's body organs giving up and will stop functioning? Is there any way to prevent this?

Mark got his wheelchair, boxes of paper work and T.V., but they took his hot pot away from him so he can't make a warm cup of instant coffee. He said some sergeant took the hot pot. He doesn't know why because other people have hot pots.  Thanks for your help.  Nora

May 9, 2007

The Grangetto Probate case has just set a major precedent in the California Prison System.  This happened only by the force of Nora Weber's first lawsuit.  Here's her comment about what happened.  The probate case was necessary to establish (jurisdiction) before the trial begins on August 20, 2007.

The judge also ordered that she be allowed visits to Mark.  All it has cost to get very, very basic medical care and rights that should never be questioned is around $70,000 of Nora's retirement money.  Most people will be unable to wage a two year lawsuit battle as great as this one in their darkest hour.  This is why it is so important that everyone back up this lawsuit since it is a bridge that people with a loved one in prison, particularly those with long sentences, will cross alone someday.

Nora Weber and Cindy Cannon are here in Sacramento ready to testify at the AB 1539 hearing today.  Here are Nora's comments about what happened in court this week.

"Yes, Visits were approved and The A.G. tried to get me kicked out as Mark's Guardian because of Mark being in Prison. He argued that Ihe State has control of Mark how can he have a Court Appointed Guardian?  I won.  My paper work held up in Court (Advance Healthcare Directive and General Power Of Attorney.)  and the Judge ruled that I will remain the Guardian because Mark has requested that I be his Guardian and that Mark does not have to be declared incompetent to name a Guardian regardless of the fact that he is in prison. This was a major win for all prisoners.  They can now name a Guardian to look after their health care issues and the prison doctors and hospitals must report all changes in medical care within 24 hours to the Guardian and get signed permission from the Guardian or the Guardian can refuse to sign for that method of treatment.  The Grangetto Probate case has just set precedent in the California Prison System. 

Plus our Court Trial date was set for August 20, 2007. It will take a couple of days to pick a Jury and then the trial will start if they don't settle ahead of that time." 


April 23, 2007

Update on Mark Grangetto:

He's still in Mercy hospital in Bakersfield which Nora reports has much, much better medical care than the prisons.  For the new people, this is our medical neglect lawsuit coming up this summer in Hanford court for the slow torture of Mark Grangetto.  We will need a crowd in Hanford because the outcome of this lawsuit affects every prisoner in California and we need to stand up against medical neglect.

April 11, 2007

First some cheery news on Mark Grangetto

The blockage has finally passed thanks to the medical professionals at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield.  Nora is still not allowed to see her son, a cruel situation to say the least but a CDC policy.

Mark's neglected h-pylori contributed toward three huge peptic ulcers.  Wouldn't you think that if he was getting all kinds of medical care and tests that this would have surfaced before now when they nearly killed him?

He is still weak and frail, Sacramento is trying to get him out of the hospital and sent back to the prison but there are things blowing in the wind that are quite favorable....Nora thanks everyone for their prayers.  She and Cindy Cannon are in hand to hand combat with the AG lawyers just to keep him alive right now.  The trial will happen this summer.  Plenty of time for everyone to find ten people to go with them so we can overfill that court room to prove that people do care about the torture and murder of prisoners.

Rev. Cayenne

April 2, 2007

Nora updates us on Mark's condition

Dear UNION members: 

They finally let me see Mark today at 4:00 p.m., and then Lt. Ellis said it would be the last time I will be able to see him at Mercy Hospital unless Dr. Yamamoto says my visit is necessary for Mark's medical care. 

I told Lt. Ellis, earlier today, that  Atty. Cindy Cannon filed for an Ex-Parte Hearing regarding my visitation of Mark, so we will see what a Judge has to say about it on Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. 

Mark has been there since Saturday night with NO medical procedure.  Only a needle in his arm for fluids and no food. They have him on Morphine for the pain. I spoke with a nurse and unofficially she said they are thinking it is a blockage in the small intestine. 

Today they took Mark for a scope of the abdomen and building construction was going on near the area with the door open and the smell of hot tar coming into the room. Mark said he was vomiting like crazy and was left laying in the hallway for three hours, waiting for the test to be done. Because, they run test on prisoners last, when they are finished with all other patients. 

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Dr. Yamamoto has agreed to meet with me. I will see what he has to say about Mark's medical condition. Today when I saw Mark he was talking like he was going to die, and then he started to cry. Mark said today when he feels himself fading out, he keeps saying my name and it brings him back. 

This was a rough day indeed. I almost fainted as I was leaving the hospital. It was all I could do to stand on my feet. For a few minutes I was having a hard time breathing. I sat in a chair in the hospital and laid my head back, until I could walk again. I drove around the streets like I was lost getting home. Now I am home and feeling a little stronger. 

Mark cried and said he sure would like to see his dad. I feel very bad but there is no Court Order for him to see Mark in the hospital. Plus Larry Grangetto has stage 4 lymphoma and has gone through Chemo now for the 4th. round of treatments. Prior to that he has not bothered to go see Mark for almost ten (10) Years. It is like Mark said "I guess my dad gave up on me a long time ago."  What a crying shame. 

Well I better stop writing this or I will keep crying. I have to be strong, the battle for survival is still on going, and I must stand on my feet to fight another day.  Cayenne please thank everyone of the UNION members for their very nice letters of support, and their prayerss, including yourself, Cayenne, Mark Arax and Dr. Posner for being among the most loyal individuals I have ever known. Through it all your kindness  gives me a glimmer of hope in mankind. 

Warm Regards, 

Nora Weber 

March 31, 2007

Dear UNION subscribers:

Mark Grangetto was FINALLY taken to Mercy Hospital tonight at 9:30 pm after suffering needlessly at Corcoran Prison Hospital for months and years.  This is what torture looks like folks and everyone with a loved one in prison who has a long sentence can look forward to it.  Sillen, his staff, the politicians who posture on prison reform, everyone from the US President on down has been totally callous and refused to get him more than two days hospitalization through the long ordeal.

Nora and her brain-damaged son since birth have suffered in a way that no American should ever have to experience and it continues tonight.  No matter what your religion I would like to call for prayer right now because Mark Grangetto deserves to live to witness everyone who contributed to his deterioration sitting on trial in court this summer. 

 Court should not have been delayed, they all knew of his frail condition, Nora has fought 24/7 every day of her life for years for her young man whose legs are crippled, his hand is clawed hand, he can't walk,  has diabetes, Hepatitis, now H-pylori and still received no treatment, even though that is very simple to administer.  He is 5'8" and weighs less than 100 lbs.

Please pray again that Mark might live to see his torturers brought to court.  Mark Arax of the Los Angeles Times  and Rita Williams of KTVU 2 have been plugged into this case and have been waiting for the trial. 

I will be giving you updates as I receive them, no matter what your religion, we need deliverance from these demons in power over us that have murdered so many people by medical neglect. I am calling the Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Metaphysicians, heathens of every race and religion - no matter where you pray and to whom, please do it now for this elderly mother and her mentally ill and tortured son just sent by ambulance out of Corcoran prison to Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield.  If you want to email Nora, go ahead and send it to me. 

Rev. Cayenne


Dear Cayenne:

I visited Mark today at 12:30, Saturday, March 31, 2007.

Last week Dr. Greenough wrote Mark had H. Pylori Bacteria. The nurse came into the room today and I asked her if Mark had been put on any Antibiotics for the H. Pylori. She said no Mark is not being given any antibiotics.  Mark said Dr. Greenough had not been in his room since last Monday or Tuesday. 

Several very serious symptoms have developed with Mark since I saw him last Sunday.

1.) Mark has developed a palsy (shaking) in both hands. 

2.) Mark's entire abdomen is now protruding outward, from the upper part of the rib cage to the top of the pelvic bone, approximately 4 to 5 inches outward, (I believe it is swelling, not bloating.) 

3.) Last week Mark had no swelling in his feet or legs. Today Mark's feet were swollen twice their normal size, up to the ankles, and the upper part of the legs appear to have started swelling, even the thighs of the legs are starting to show signs of some swelling. The skin on Mark's feet is very dry and has a white flaking skin on them. For a while today the feet as well as the legs up to the knees were turning blue. Mark said he has no feeling in his feet at all. 

4.) Three or four times during my two hour visit Mark showed signs of a breathing problem. Mark was sitting up on the side of the bed. I told Mark to lay down and elevate his feet. The blue coloring in the feet and legs began to go away. 

5.) Mark looked very weak and pale today.  I believe they have every intention of letting Mark lay there and die, of what they will claim are natural causes, with non-preventable complications of existing medical conditions. 
Thank you for whatever you can do to prevent this abuse. 


March 14, 2007

Nora describes the well-populated "Suicide Watch" area of Corcoran Prison.

I can't talk to any patients in the hospital. All doors are locked and are solid steel, with just a little tiny glass strip in the door, about 5 inches wide by about 18 inches tall.

A guard comes to the visitors waiting room and takes me over to the hospital. That same guard unlocks Mark's door, pulls up a chair right outside the door and sits there the entire time of the visit. They can hear every word that is being said. 

The hospital rooms appear to be a lot like SHU housing. It is solitary confinement. All rooms are single cells, with a toilet and a small sink right above the toilet and a hospital bed. Mark also has his wheelchair in the room. The rooms are a fairly good size about an 8 x 10. There is a window in each room about 3 foot by 4 foot with prison wire mesh in the glass and bars on the windows. it appears that all rooms are an outside room due to the spoke wheel design.  Right outside the prison hospital rooms are those tall lights like the ones you see on football fields (flood lights). They shine all night long and there are no covers on the windows, so there are bright lights shining in the rooms all night long. Consequently it seems like day light 24 hours a day. 

They do open the door when they bring the food into the room. There are no little slots in the doors to shove food through. Patients are sent there from all the other California prisons. It is the end of the road for many of those patients, such as terminal cancer, terminal hepatitis, kidney failure, and every other type of terminal health conditions you can think of. In many respects it is a terminally ill hospital. Some patients may stay longer before they die and others may not last very long. Some of the rooms will have a small 3 x 4 inch picture of the inmate attached to the outside of the door by the small window. Others do not have any picture on the door. 

There is a rumor that Corcoran State prison will become a prison for the mentally ill. I don't know if there is any fact to that rumor. Dr. Greenough the Chief Physician and Surgeon. He has not been at the prison since February 16, 2007. He was Mark's attending physician.. Mark has not had any doctor seeing him since that date. Just yesterday they assigned an attending physician to Mark.  A doctor Neubarth. There is not much doctoring that goes on in that hospital. It is mostly up to the nursing staff. I have only heard the names of three active doctors in that hospital. I do believe that is all they have working there at the present time. Dr. McGuiness is the Chief Medical Officer and I have never seen him. 

There is a button on the wall next to the bed, like a call button that is an intercom system tied into the nurses station. The other day when I was visiting Mark pushed the button to ask a question about his blood sugar count and it was over one (1) hour before anyone answered the call light. 

Mark says when they are on suicide watch they are kept completely naked in the rooms. That must get pretty cold because I need to wear a sweater when I visit because it is a little on the chilly side in that hospital. I have never seen inside a suicide watch room, so I can't tell you how they are housed or even if they have a blanket.

There is a fluorescent light fixture in the top of the room, so I doubt if they would give them a blanket or a sheet. it is a very large hospital with corridors/hallways going off in every direction. The design reminds me of the spokes in a wheel, spiraling off in many directions. I have only seen one nursing station for the entire hospital, with a big guard station room when you first enter the hospital that is all glassed in. 

 The hospital sits smack dab in the middle of the entire prison complex. It is now called the John Klarich Memorial Hospital. Named after the late Dr. Klarich that was killed in the motorcycle wreck out on a church riding event about a year and a half ago.  It is a big prison and when their van was broken down I had to walk to the hospital, down the roads inside the prison and through the fenced prison walking areas. It is an interesting walk to say the least. It is like you are walking through a concrete city with razor wire, concrete buildings, locked gates electronically controlled  and tall fences with lots of flood lights.  It is a scary sound to hear those steel doors and gates slamming behind you.   Nora Weber


Article Last Updated: 9/07/2005 06:46 AM

Family files suit against CDC over negligence
The lawsuit is being praised by UNION, a prison-rights group
By ROBIN MILLER, The Reporter, Vacaville
Vallejo Times Herald

Yet another family is filing suit against the California Department of Corrections alleging medical neglect against an inmate, including allegations of neglect at California Medical Facility in Vacaville.
Nora Weber, mother of Corcoran State Prison inmate Mark Grangetto, filed the suit in Sacramento in July on behalf of her son alleging failure to provide medical care, medical negligence, and cruel and
unusual punishment. Among other things, the suit seeks a court order for proper psychiatric and medical care, and an end to Grangetto's being segregated from other inmates.

The lawsuit is being praised by UNION, United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect, a prison-rights group that has backed several wrongful death lawsuits filed in the past year by families whose inmate relatives died while at CMF and California State Prison, Solano.

"Grangetto's present condition is not known because all communication has been cut off between Grangetto and his mother and attorney," said UNION's

B. Cayenne Bird.

According to the lawsuit, Grangetto, 40, is disabled and blind and due to negligent care weighs just 100 pounds, despite being 5-feet, 9-inches tall.

"He suffers from paralysis and a clawed left hand, as well as blindness, and medical conditions including diabetes and Hepatitis C," the lawsuit states.

According to the suit, he entered the prison system in May 1991 at Tehachapi State Prison, suffering from "mild organic brain damage," paralysis of the left arm and an ACL tear of the right knee as well as legal blindness. While there in early 1992, his paralyzed arm was broken by a cellmate and he was sent to California Men's Colony where he was denied needed surgery, suffering from infections, the lawsuit claims.

Grangetto was then sent to Salinas Valley State Prison where a cellmate fractured his right hand. He was later housed with the general population where he was stabbed, the suit claims.

None of the injuries were adequately treated, the lawsuit claims, before he was again transferred, this time to CMF.

"Grangetto's medical and psychiatric condition continued to deteriorate," the lawsuit states. "At various times while at CMF, plaintiff was denied use of a wheelchair."

And the suit claims that while he showed symptoms of diabetes that were documented by physicians at CMF, appeals for immediate medical care were denied.

He was then transferred to Corcoran where he remains today.

The lawsuit claims state prison officials have retaliated against Grangetto after he successfully won a court order in April 2004 keeping the prison from obtaining control over his medical decisions. The
retaliation, according to the suit involved his being placed in administrative segregation and then segregated housing in an effort to curtail outside visitation and conceal his medical condition.

- Robin Miller can be reached at  citydesk@thereporter.com .

October 30, 2006

Nora Weber had a one hour visit with her son Mark Grangetto yesterday after a year and a half of being denied all communication with him.

She found him in a deteriorated condition from her last visit in the summer of 2005, he hadn't had a haircut in so long that his hair had grown way down past his shoulders.  His toenails were at least l/2 inch long, the prisoners get no personal care in the hospitals.  His weight appeared to be less than 100 lbs.

He nearly died in August during the heat wave he told her.  He was on heat sensitive medications and it was hotter inside than outside so they placed him in a cage on a mattress in the horrible heat. Then he had to be rushed to the hospital as a result of this exposure at Hanford, then  he was transferred to Mercy Hospital just three miles from Nora.  She was never even telephoned and did not know of that emergency or that he had been hospitalized!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Sillen's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Terry Hill went to Corcoran and examined Mark in early October.  Some physician is apparently coming from Sacramento as well and has examined Mark twice this month in addition to Dr. Hill's exams.  Nobody knows the name of this physician or why he is involved.  Mark is in the hospital his calorie-count has been increased from the intentional starvation level where he has been kept and a supplement drink has been order.

Nora lawsuit is due to come to court early next  year for the long term torture of her son and I will call us all to action to attend these hearings.  Even after the lawsuit was filed,  the torture continued. Now that Dr. Hill is involved Mark is apparently getting fed

Some woman accompanied Dr. Hill who was an extremely rude jerk to Mark and insensitive to his situation but he couldn't remember her name.  I would like to know the identity of this person if any of the nurses on the list can tell me who it was....

Mark reported Dr. Hill to be extremely compassionate and so it appears that the Federal Receivership is beginning to be felt by at least one UNION member  here in October, 2006. Nora couldn't comfort him or learn much more in one hour but she is extremely grateful for the visit and the prescribed changes in diet, grateful that Sillen's office made the trip to Corcoran which puts them on notice for all who are suffering there that at least some of these emergencies are being followed up on.

We have yet to see Mark's medical needs met so we will hold applause until this preventable suffering gets handled all the way but we are much more hopeful than before Dr. Hill got involved. Nora kept meticulous records.
Mark looks like a Nazi war camp victim, this is why the media can't see or visit him.  A photograph of him would shock the world.

Corcoran.  This bloodhouse rages on out of control, under the radar of the media.

Grangetto Press Conference - September 7, 2005

Now for Mark's letter I received today from Mark at the old Corcoran SHU. 

"They transferred me to the SHU!!  The C/))s over here have already beat me up, took my wheelchair and threw a cup of Piss in my face. They are refusing me water and won't feed me and are threatening me ever sence I arrived on 6-16-2005." 

"Today is Sunday and no water since Friday and no food and the nurse that comes by my cell refuses me my medication and refuses to let me see a Dr.,  they have me crawling on the floor with no water or food or no medical attention." 

"C/O   R. Hernandez, (or as Mark spelled it (Hernanez) is the C/O who threw the cup of urine in my face on 6-17-05 and beat me up and took my wheelchair from me and turned off the water and toilet!!"

"They have me on the floor, I am writing you on the floor!! It's all the way bad for me right now. Can you send me in some help please, before these out of controll c/o's kill me, no-- joke make sure they have a doctor come to my cell and personally see me at my cell and call the Feds and the attorney and let them know how they are treating a sick person. I can't take this kind of abuse long, before my body quits on me. I have to have water and food !!  I will die, with NO WATER and NO FOOD." 

signed Mark Grangetto

Nora Weber's son, Mark Grangetto is being starved to death and medically neglected at CSATF Corcoran where his infamous physician, Dr. Wu, was apparently just fired for unspeakable abuses to inmates 

Mark is falling through the cracks and we in the UNION need to deliver a big wake up call to the Warden Darrel Adams that this is unacceptable. 

There have been a number of suspicious deaths at CSATF and even though a guard was reportedly stabbed this week, the news media isn't reporting any of this, Even though the worst atrocities reported by the medical team during Henderson's hearing to appoint an emergency federal receiver are coming out of the Central Valley, the news is blocked coming from all prisons in the area. 

We cannot sit quietly for what is happening here because Mark's mother wants her son to live to see the end of the lawsuit she's filing and we're supporting. 

On Thursday, June 9 I also appealed to Dr. Renee Kanan to intervene in this emergency after she told me she "wanted to help in our emergencies." 

That remains to be seen and we cannot wait for her as time is of the essence. 

We all need to make a call to the Warden on the same day so he can know the size of the picket that is going to be on his doorstep if Mark is starved any longer and/or gets sent to the Corcoran SHU. 

Nora went out to Corcoran today and he was so sick and weak, confused that he could not come out to see her. This is heartbreaking. We must move on this first thing Monday morning! 

This is what Nora needs you to ask for when you call the warden. 

"I appreciate everyone calling to try and save my son, Mark Grangetto's, life 

Ask the warden to "please stop the transfer of Mark Grangetto D-40372 and save him from going to the SHU program at Old Corcoran where there is zero medical care. Mark's diabetes has been mismanaged, he also has TB and Hepatitis C, is blind, in a wheelchair with a clawed hand and crippled leg. After all the torture, stabbings and beatings he has endured for heroically standing up for all inmates over the years, he is in severe mental distress as well. He is dying according to a private physican that Nora sent into examine him. This physician, who once worked for CDC, told Nora that he must be moved to a nursing home immediately because CDC cannot take care of him in any of their facilities. 

Please ask the warden to: 

Please start giving Mark the Diabetic Supplement Drink, "Glucerna." and the diabetic nutrition packages which Mark IS NOT receiving because his doctor hasn't written an order. 

Mark's medical condition is very fragile and his body weight is dangerously low, he's 5-9" tall and weighs near 100 lbs. and falling. 

Combine that with his numerous infirmities and the myriad of medical ailments and diseases, it is likely that Mark will not live if he is placed in any SHU program or left to wither in his present confinement. He needs an immediate compassionate release. 

We are pleading that Mark's life be spared. Please leave Mark in Single Cell housing in the general population at CSATF. 

Thank You! 

The Warden's Fax # 1-559-992-7103 

The phone number to leave a message for the Warden is (559) 992-7100 and then dial extension #5507 

Wardens' name: DERRAL ADAMS



Dear Warden Derral Adams, 

My name is Patricia St. Peter. I am a journalist who has been following the many cases of medical neglect within the prison system. The prison systems medical care is under fire along with many other internal problems.  I am begging you PLEASE do not force me to have to write about another needless death of an inmate. Kind sir, I implore you to take this one into your own authority and save this mans life. 

Please stop the transfer of Mark Grangetto D-40372 and save him from going to the SHU program at Old Corcoran where there is zero medical care. This man's diabetes has been grossly mismanaged, he also has TB and Hepatitis C, is blind, in a wheelchair with a clawed hand and crippled leg. 

On top of his severe diabetic condition and after all the torture, stabbings and beatings he has endured, he is in severe mental distress.  He is dying according to the private physician that was sent into examine him.  This physician, who once worked for CDC, told me that he must be moved to a nursing home immediately because CDC cannot take care of him in any of their facilities. 


Please start giving Mark the Diabetic Supplement Drink, "Glucerna." and the diabetic nutrition packages which Mark IS NOT receiving because his doctor hasn't written an order. The Dr's. are under fire for this type of neglect and as we can see it still continues right here with Mr. Grangetto's lack of care. 

Mark Grangetto's medical condition is very fragile and his body weight is dangerously low, he's 5-9" tall and weighs near 100 lbs. and falling. I am 5"5 1/2" I weigh 115 pounds. My latest physical exam revealed that I am underweight. I  cannot imagine how weak this man must be. Combine that with his numerous infirmities and the myriad of medical ailments and diseases, it is likely that Mark will not live if he is placed in any SHU program or left to wither in his present confinement.  He needs an immediate compassionate release. 

We are pleading that Mark's life be spared. Please leave Mark in Single Cell housing in the general population at CSATF at the least. 

You have the authority to spare this man his life! He was not given a death sentence yet that is what is happening to him. He is dying a slow and painful death due to the lack of care that he desperately needs. 

I believe you to be a decent God fearing man who is of good character. I believe that you will do the right thing and save this mans life. 

Thank you sincerely and in advance, May God have mercy on us all, Patricia St. Peter

June 15, 2005

Hello Cayenne and all members of the UNION: 

I want to sincerely thank you for your loving concerns of my son Mark Grangetto. I know if only he could read your letters and hear your voices he would want to thank every one of you. YES, Mark has fought the long hard battle to try and receive needed surgeries in the prison system all to no avail. His health has fallen down a slippery slop but let me assure all of you that as long as I live they will have me to answer to and that won't be a relaxing vacation for the CDC. 

As you read my letter to Dr. Kanan and Warden Derrall Adams, remember that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It won't stop with Mark, I will be there to fight for your loved one and many others to come. This prison system is growing and not by accident, they have a cell waiting for anyone who steps in their path of torture.   Please read this with my sincere thanks and Marks'. You will all like to know that when I tried faxing this letter to CSATF at 6:50 P.M. their fax machine was ringing with a busy signal.  I'll keep trying to fax my letter.  However, it did get faxed to Dr. Kanan today. I will try all night to fax it to CSATF. 

942883 Sacramento, Ca., 94283 

WARDEN DERRAL ADAMS California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Faxed: (559) 991-7103 Dear Dr. Kanan and Warden Adams: Following Judge Henderson's hearing in San Francisco Dr. Kanan was sent a letter from B. Cayenne Bird, Director of the U.N.I.O.N.,  I am a strong supporting member of this organization. In that letter you were asked to issue a compassionate release of Mark Grangetto to his Mother Nora Weber. 

I am the mother of Mark Grangetto D-40372 and to date I am compelled to inform you that I find the California Department of Corrections and your medical staff at the California Prisons both negligent and did with a willful intent deliberately harm my son, while having complete and total physician diagnosed knowledge of his severe medical and psychiatric conditions. 

I am forwarding you supporting evidence as to why a compassionate release should be granted without further delay. The medical records are available at CSATF and they will spell out the numerous infirmities of Mark and his very serious health condition. There have been many U.N.I.O.N. members calling CSATF pleading to others who answer the phone for the Warden to spare my son's life and not place Mark into the SHU program and feed Mark as he is starving to death and down to slightly over 100 pounds. 

However, some of these employees have seen fit to hang up the phone on those individuals who are calling to express their caring concern and request. I feel this is a further demonstration of an arrogant attitude by certain prison employees and a non-caring mentality for a human life. Furthermore, the Warden "Derral Adams" never answers a phone call and never replies to any of my written request. I am beginning to wonder if CSATF even has a Warden or if his name only represents alphabetical letters on an office desk plaque. 

On or about February 27, 1992 Dr. Michael J. Selby who then was employed by the CDC at the California Mens Colony (CMC) in San Luis Obispo, Ca. examined Mark Grangetto . I have those documents in my possession and as stated by Dr. Selby "I conducted a neuropsychological evaluation of Mr. Grangetto. Results reflected his overall level of cognitive 

Page 1 of 3 functioning to fall within the borderline range of intellectual ability. Also noted were significant impairment in psychomotor speed, both simple and complex visual tracking, verbal fluency, complex information processing, and verbal memory. It was my opinion at that time of that evaluation that Mr. Grangetto suffered frontal, pre-frontal and orbital frontal lobe compromise, which resulted in impaired ability to organize, plan and initiate actions. Diagnostic impression was Organic mental Disorder - Mild; Developmental disorder, Not Otherwise Specified; and Borderline Intellectual Functioning. It was believed at that time that Mr. Grangetto had the capacity to function independently within the general population." 

Dr. Selby also states that on July 25, 1994 an A.C.T. scan of the brain reported, "Approximately three centimeter area of encephalomalacic change in the posterior left parietal lobe. The findings may be on the basis of previous trauma with contusion or from ischemic infarction." 

On or about April 3, 2005 Dr. Selby traveled to the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran to conduct a neuropsychological evaluation of Mark Grangetto. Dr. Selby's findings proved what I already knew that Mark was severely impaired in almost every function of his brain. However, most of the prison personnel and many of the prison medical staff choose to treat Mark's brain deficiencies with medical neglect, punishment and torture for the last fourteen (14) plus years. 

On this date when Dr. Selby went to the CTC building at Corcoran he administered to mark the following test; Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test Wechsier Memory Scale (Logical Prose, Paired Associates, Visual Reproduction, Digit Span, Memtal Control Subtests) Trail Making Test (Part A and part B) Controlled Auditory Word Association Test Rey Complex Figure Test Stroop Color Word Test Mark tested in only one (1) test as being in the "Impaired range." 

All other areas of testing Mark tested in the "Severely impaired." Dr. Selby writes "These findings indicate that he can no longer function independently and that his level of neuropsychological deterioration requires that he be provided with a treatment program designed to care for severely disabled individuals. His violence potential is considered to be minimal." DR. SELBY RECOMMENDATIONS; "It is recommended that Mr. Grangetto be placed in a medical care facility designed to treat progressive neurological and neuropsychological disorders. " 

Page 2 of 3 I recently spoke to Mark's counselor Mr. Frauenheim at CSATF prison, extention # 5369 and he seemed very proud of himself (both in the tone of his voice and his directive conversation) that he was the one that had recently made the recommendation for Mark to be transferred to the SHU program at Old Corcoran. I knew during our conversation that Counselor Frauenheim had little or no familiarity with Mark's medical history and/or medical records on file with the CDC. During our conversation I got the distinct impression that Mr. Frauenheim assumed he was talking to a blubbering idiot. 

I gave him all the telephone time he needed to prove his ignorance and total lack of caring for my son's health condition. In fact I have over one thousand six hundred (1,600) plus pages of Mark's prison records which includes his medical records. However I am still waiting for Mark's medical records to be copied at CSATF and made available for me to pick up when noticed. I was at the hearing with Dr. Kanan at Senator Romero's hearing in early April, 2005 in Sacramento and I will be attending Judge Henderson's hearing on June 30, 2005 in San Francisco. 

It is my sincere hope that someone will act quickly to save my son's life and grant a compassionate release. You should seriously appraise my son's extensive health issues both physically and mentally and act positively upon a compassionate release before it is too late to save his life. I will be glad to drive to Sacramento and hand deliver a copy of Dr. Selby's report for you to personally read if this is what it will take for you to reach an educated opinion of the facts. 

I will not place Dr. Selby's medical evaluation in the mail for just anyone to read and obtain copies. Because, as I have learned over the past years in dealing with the prison system that retaliation of a prisoner is far greater than any imaginable reality. I look forward to your reasonable medical consideration on a compassionate release and your immediate action as I feel time is of the essence. Your written response of your determination will be greatly appreciated. You can fax your reply to my office at the number listed. Sincerely, 

Nora M. Weber, Mother of Mark Grangetto 

Cayenne, I put in a call to the Warden today stating that I was a journalist (true) who needed to ask him a few questions regarding Mark Grangetto's care or lack thereof. I was told that he would be given the message and someone would get back to me shortly. I am still waiting. Patty 

While I was in the shower today, I received a call from a woman named Kelly, she stated that she was the spokesperson for the prison, and was calling in regards to my inquiries about Mark the day before. 

She advised I should call Mark's counselor, cc2 Fawnheim  at ex. 5365.  Not sure of the spelling or the ex. # as she barely was audible when she said the last two numbers. I called the number back at 1:45 pm, and got a bit of runaround.  Finally got the operator who buzzed me in to Fawnheim's ex.  I got a message that he was out and to leave a message and I will get a call back.  I left my name and phone number and that I was calling about Mark, and my concerns about his health and that he is close to death from his lack of basic medical care. 

So, now have to wait for another call back. Susan

If Susan has the same luck of Counselor Frauenheim returning calls as I have had, being Mark's Mother, you will be lucky if you ever hear from him. For those who want to call him, read my letter first and then make your call as he was quite proud of the fact that he was the one who recommended Mark for the SHU program at Old Corcoran. 

Mr. Frauenheim's number is (1-559) 992-7100 , extension # 5369.  BEWARE, he is very proud of his power and you will be lucky if you can get a word in edge wise. As for the name "Kelly" when you hear that name it is ( Kelly Santoro) her desk sits about 30 feet from the Warden.  As for the name "Chris" she too sits very close to Kelly and her desk also sits about 30 feet from the Warden. 

Believe me they must be worried about something or they never would have had Kelly return a phone call. She is the one who corresponds with the media. Nora

June 17, 2005

It is now nine days since Dr.  Rene Kanan told me at Henderson's hearing in front of fifteen people to call her about UNION emergencies.  She wrote down her phone number for me on my yellow pad after giving testimony about how hard her department is trying to clean up the medical problems 

The very next day I typed up just three complaints out of hundreds of prisoners need of help, All were life threatening and sent them to the fax number her assistant gave to me. 

i called twice during these nine days to check on the status of our three complaints which Janet Lewis said she had forwarded on to others but would check out for me.  Nine days later I called Kanan's assistant Janet and she said they couldn't give out any information, It is NINE days later and you can bet that nothing has been done and believe it or not, she referred me to a "Hotline" for medical help that is nothing but a recording and an answering machine.. 

If anyone thinks Dr. Renee Kanan would make a good Federal Receiver, you'd better think again.  She is named in several of our lawsuits and I'll venture will be named in several more. 

No help is forthcoming from her office.  We are to call this machine. 




leave name and phone number 

What is extremely important for inmates and their families to know is that no one will talk to you unless your loved one has signed a release, a power of attorney and it is on file.  If you haven't done that yet, please do it now. 

If there are any people on the end of this "hotline" that is the first thing they will ask you and then it will go no further until you have those permissions in writing from your loved one. 


As you can see there is absolutely no place for inmates and their families to go for help.  Their attorneys are treated similarly, yet all these people are drawing a paycheck out of our hardearned tax dollars.  The situation is insane! 

Janet Lewis in Kanan's office has passed the buck to yet another CDC employee so Nora is going to try and reach her.  Keep in mind that NINE  DAYS have passed here, NINE days in medical emergencies only to get passed to the next unbearably incompetent bureaucrat. 

Deliberate Indifference is against the law and Nora has kept quite a paper trail of the number of people she tried to ask for help for the better part of a decade in writing who never even responded.  I cannot emphasize the importance of keeping your paper trail strongly enough. 

This is typical for all inmates having a problem and why Henderson's ruling is vitally important to every prisoner's present and future safety 

here is Dr. Kanan's fax number, please send what you sent to Warden Darrel Adams to her and tell your inmate to ignore Matthew Gray's letter asking that she continue in her job.  She can't do it!  Whom do you think is in charge right now?  Kanan! 

Let us not go quietly into the night, maybe she will quit too and then we'll all be better off! 

Dr. Kanan's fax   number is (916) 327-0545 

I am writing an op-ed for publication and you can bet this runaround on emergency cases will be included.  I don't know why I am surprised! You''d think that anyone with the gall to ask for inmate support would at least find a way to be responsive to their needs. 

NO KANAN as federal receiver! 

B. Cayenne Bird 


Mark's life was threatened by a guard shortly before we began our Call to Action. 

The overcrowding is so bad that they took Mark' Grangetto's wheelchair away before we began our current call to action.He has an old wheelchair outside the cell but  cannot use it in the cell because the cell is too small and they took the in-cell wheelchair status away so they could put him in E-1, 135 L because it is a non- wheelchair cell. 

There are not even handrails near the toilet so he is falling down just trying to use the bathroom.  This is in clear violation  of the Americans with Disabilities Act, not to mention grossly inhumane! 

.They want to send him to the SHU at Old Corcoran where they have zero medical care because there are cells available there and no one can  monitor his medical treatment and report it to the outside world 

Dr. Puisis testified during the hearings "the sickest patients are locked away." 

In 2003 they changed Mark's  classification from CCCMS so they could put him anywhere, even though he is severely mentally impaired and deeply depressed Mark  desperately needs both medical and mental health services which he is not getting; they are much more concerned with the size of the cell that he must have than with saving his life  or attending to his most basic human needs. 

Dr. K. Nuygen signed to take the wheelchair away so he could be moved out of Critical Treatment Center (concocted clinic at the prison)  into any cell,   That was on May 11, 2005. He said Mark only needed the wheelchair for outside the cell use. 

The faxes aren't working so I'd like to add this physical address to the present Call to Action 

Warden: Derral Adams, CSATF, P.O. Box 7100, Corcoran, Ca., 93212-7100 

The phone calls should continue but ask for the counselor Fraunheim (sp) 

This is the latest from Nora Weber, Mark Grangetto's mother: 

I called today and spoke to Chris and left a message "that I  would like to speak to th Warden." Chris said he was on the grounds and took my message. However I did not get a return call. 

THEN THE MAIL ARRIVED AND THERE WAS A LETTER FROM MARK. It was written on 6-5-05 and post marked on 6-15-05 . 

It was Dr. K. Nguyen who started writing orders after Dr. Shu Pin Wu apparently got fired CTC. Dr.K. Nguyen was the one they got to change the records and take the wheelchair away from Mark. This cleared the way for them to put Mark in a non-wheelchair cell and allow them to make the order to move Mark. There are no handrails around the toilet and he keeps falling. Mark has gross atrophy in both legs and the right leg is completely shot, all occurred while in prison. Mark said just before he wrote this letter they came and told him to get his stuff ready he was moving. As of today Mark is still in E-1, 135 L. 


Please get this out to as many UNION people inside the prison as you can and tell them to watch anyone who gets near his cell and please be prepared to identify that person. 


"This little  Mexican female cop came to my cell, looking to fight with me, she really has a foul mouth on her and talks like a truck driver. She came to my cell and started in on me with racial slurs. Saying "I don't like your white boy ass and I will go out of my way to make sure you don't get your diebetic bag." 

The next day she put a sign on my door saying don't give me my mandatory diabetic (B) bags, signed by an ( M.T.A. Carlson) or senior nurse in CTC. I have not been getting my 8:00 p.m. snack bag or nourishment snack bag, they say I need a doctors order." 

I have dropped off with the Litigation office an Advance Health Care Directive, a Durable Power of Attorney and a Will for Mark to sign. In his letter today he wrote "I will sign them as soon as they get them to me. In the event something happens to me because, that Mexican female  C/O threatened my life a few days ago stating she could end my life in a second! She's not the first guard c/o which has made death threats on my life!!  These Mexican Mafia guards are no better than the crooks they watch!!  They are just another Tax Paid Prison Gang." 

Mark is so afraid he won't let any of them give him an insulin shot. He has only about 20% vision left in his right eye but he sure works hard on these letters. The lines sometimes run two or three inches in a curve down the page and they are really hard to read. 

The lawsuit filed on July 1, 2005 will be a lawsuit for everyone of you who could not afford to file one in a manner of speaking. Maybe this one will turn the tide on prison punishment and medical neglect. Mark has already said that he will probably be killed but dying can't be any worse than fourteen (14) plus years of torture. 

I think my son is really a brave person. He has done nothing to deserve this kind of abuse. I am sure many of you have spent many nights crying and worrying about your loved ones as have I but it almost seems to me like we are in a war. Our State elected officials have absolutely lost their minds to give anyone this kind of power that they can have absolute corruption to torture and abuse any way they see fit and not have to answer to anyone. 

Again, I want to thank everyone of you for trying to save Mark's life. He says he is so frail and weak he can hardly move. He said he is so sick he can't even come out to visit.  Just keep praying that Mark will live.    Thank you, 


The physical phone call ruins a bureaucrat's day and makes them focus only on the one problem.  A bombardment is much more effective than an email.

But while we're at it, let's also email the useless assistant inspector general (a former DA prosecutor in Sacramento)  to earn his pay.


that's his email.

And these two senators who heard Nora appeal for help on April 14 and did nothing to follow up to get Mark  fed.



You will notice these are two good senators but they're treating this dying young man in a callous fashion by not insisting he get emergency medical care right away.

Let me know so that I can ease Nora's mind that you made the call, sent the faxes and emails and stood up for humanity.

If you are not an active member of the UNION, please get signed up so that you can DO something about the medical crisis in prisons.

You can listen to a soundtrack of what we're doing to organize a powerful voting group at this link.


At the top of the page, go down to this link cctraining audio - download and save to your computer, you can email this file to friends and family and burn it to CD's.

The more people we have ready to write, picket, get together to support more lawsuits, the sooner this reform is going to actually happen.

July 12, 2005 

P.O. Box 348780 
Sacramento, California, 95834-8780 
1426 Howe Avenue, Suite 54 
Sacramento, Ca, 95825-3236 





It is my belief that either DR. KIM NGUYEN, License # A53999 has possibly committed gross medical negligence/malpractice or the prison personnel at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (CSATF) in Corcoran California has seen fit to change medical orders without a doctors consent causing Cruel and unusual punishment. Thereby, possibly committing a conspiracy/felony. To date the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) (DR. JOHN KLARICH, License # G29433 of Corcoran State Prison has made no attempt to correct this illegal medical negligence. 

Dr. Shu Pin A. Wu, License #A31440, a licensed medical doctor employed at CSATF, did in fact examine Mark's bleeding hemorrhoids and laughed as he told Mark , oh I see you have a big hemorrhoid, to the best of my knowledge this doctor never made any attempt to correct the constant bleeding as a matter of fact the records show that the prison has supplied Mark with extra rolls of toilet paper to sop up the blood. In addition Dr. Wu with his laughing scared Mark to the point that Mark was afraid Dr. Wu was trying to kill him, because Dr. Wu kept refusing Mark the supplement resource drink for diabetics to try and prevent Marks' severe weight loss. Mark was so afraid of Dr. Wu that he refused to take the insulin. Maybe Dr. Wu could explain the reasons for his medical neglect of Mark better than I can, such as, I understand Dr. Wu no longer is employed at that prison, so just maybe he was under pressure not to perform by the prison officials. I am requesting a complete investigation of these individuals` medical practice. 

My son Mark Grangetto, CDC # D-40372 has been thrown in the Segregated Housing Unit (SHU) at Corcoran State, Prison, 4001 King Avenue, Corcoran, California, 93212, Warden (A.K. Scribner) 

Dr. Michael J. Selby, Ph.D., DABFM, DABFS and Board Certified Forensic Evaluation, Forensic Medical/Legal Neuropsychology who works at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, examined Mark on April 1, 2005 and performed a battery of test. Here is his recommendations; "It is recommended that Mr. Grangetto be placed in a medical care facility designed to treat progressive neurological and neuropsychological disorders." 

Dr. Selby wrote, the CDC does not have the capability of providing the intensive care that Mark is in need of. 

In early May, 2005 shortly after this evaluation of Mark he was transferred to the SHU Unit at Corcoran State Prison. 

On May 11, 2005 Dr. Ellen Ann Greenman, License # G78384, a California Department of Corrections (CDC) employed medical doctor wrote; "He is currently housed at CSATF's CTC solely because of the unavailability of a DPW cell in the CSATF's Ad-Seg housing units." 

Also on May 11, 2005 Dr. K. Nguyen License # A53999, a California Department of Corrections (CDC) employed medical doctor wrote; Change DPO status to DPW at 1630 hour. 

In addition, on that same medical form (which I have attached as exhibit A, one (1) page) the original date, half way down the page, is clearly changed from 5-11-05 to 05-19-05 and on that date it was written; "Change DPW status to DPM W/C outside of cell only, T.O. Dr. Nguyen." 

It is my belief that one of two things have possibly occurred with these medical orders. Either Dr. Nguyen changed his orders to accommodate the prison personnel or the prison personnel staff changed Dr. Nguyen's medical order to suit themselves without medical approval from Dr. Nguyen. Mark has had a wheelchair (DPW) status and is a mental health care status (CCCMS) since 1998 and prior. A permanent wheelchair user since October 6, 2000 when the guards at Salinas Valley State prison (SVSP) broke the "Patella of the right knee." Reconstructive surgery was recommended by physicians but was never performed. Prior to that date Mark had an ACL tear and a PCL tear of the right knee. As a direct result of these injuries and the total lack of recommended medical care Mark currently suffers from gross atrophy of both legs and both arms with a severe mental impairment and uncontrolled/untreated diabetes with positive Hepatitis C and T.B., a paralyzed left arm with a clawed left hand. 

If in fact Dr. Nguyen changed his medical order at the request of prison personnel then I feel that he has committed a crime against Mark, a person who qualifies under "The Americans with Disability Act". This would demonstrate callous disregard for Mark' medical needs and disabilities, Dr. Nguyen has placed my son's life in grave danger by not allowing an extremely handicapped individual the use of a wheelchair by doing so he has allowed the prison personnel to place my son in an extreme level of punishment, such medical neglect is paramount to torture with a deliberate indifference. Whereby, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Klarich's actions have caused severe harm and possible death to come to my son. Dr. Nguyen possibly cleared the way for Mark to be sent to the SHU housing unit of Corcoran State Prison and by Dr. Klarichs' total disregard for a humans' medical care after having knowledge of the fact makes him equally as guilty as Dr. Nguyen. 

On the other hand, if the prison personnel changed Dr. Nguyen's medical orders without the Doctors knowledge as well as changed the date on the order to make it appear the decision was reached on a later date by possibly trying to avoid recognition of the change in said medical orders. Such a change could possibly constitute a felony on the part of prison personnel but by Dr. Klarichs' continued failure to act, again makes him equally guilty of medical neglect and medical malpractice. It is my belief that Dr. Wu was trying to please prison personnel and could have cared less about the patient. I feel most doctors fall prey to the prison officials and fall far short of performing any reliable form of medical procedures/practice. However, that does not excuse their failure to perform because, they hold a license under a sworn oath. Doctors cannot be allowed to sell their soul/ethics for a paycheck or what possible good/regulations are there to require a license to practice in the State of California. 

Please accept this as my formal written complaint against Dr Kim Nguyen, Dr. Shu Pin A. Wu, Dr. John Klarich and/or the prison personnel who possibly generated the medical demands. I look forward to the registration of my complaint and your written reply. I am available with documents, for questioning at your desired time. 


Nora M. Weber 

Cc; Corcoran State Prison (Warden, Scribner) 
Faxed: (559) 992-4636 
Cc: CMO, Corcoran State Prison (Dr. Klarich) 
Mailed to: 4100 King Avenue
Corcoran, California, 93212

July 19, 2005

Dr. Klarich, the Corcoran I CMO who has refused to respond to Nora Weber, the attorney, to me or anyone else since Mark was unlawfully put into the SHU on June 16 is exposed. 

Nora found many blotches on his medical record, including a $700,000 arbitration settlement.  Here he is with major marks against his license and acting as a Chief Medical Officer. 

The stress is unbearable not knowing if Mark is dead or alive. After Nora finishes mailing his file to all the journalists on our UNION list, I suspect he will feel some stress too. 

Nobody should be put through the sick worry that Nora has endured at the hands of callous bureaucrats for 14 years. 

I believe that putting the mothers through this worry may also be actionable.  The attorney can demand the names of all the health care workers on Mark's yard.  I understand there may not even be a physician there at all. 


Nora is exhausted and has her own health challenges as we all do. 

Perhaps only those compliant with the evil practices of custody at CDC get to be the CMO. 

Cause grief - get grief, heads are going to roll in the continued abuse of Mark Grangetto - every mother's son. 

Nora's courage and endurance is an inspiration to me and I have rarely seen such a fighter.  Not communicating with her and denying access to her dying son is inhuman and we aren't going to take it quietly. 

Any other complaints against Dr. Klarich?

 August 10, 2005

Exciting  news 

Nora Weber has been told that her son Mark will now be fed 3500 calories a day and get Glucerna to bring his weight up from a ghastly 113 lbs.  He will remain in the hospital at Corcoran until August 25 and then be transferred to another hospital bed in a new 
24 unit wing of the existing hospital. 

In other words he will not be thrown back into the SHU. 

It was unlawful for him to ever be placed in the SHU in the first place as this violates the MADRID  vs. GOMEZ order.  Of course we know that the mentally ill are unlawfully placed all over California's prisons and are dying in the SHU. 

I would like to summarize what it took to get Mark to the prison hospital and to finally get fed.  Four months of a small army promising to picket the facility, a lawsuit and several letters filed against responsible individuals by Attorney Cindy Cannon, the phone calls that UNION members made while he was at CASTF to put him in the light. 

When Nora was allowed to see him on Sunday after eight months of being denied visits because he was in too much pain to come to the window, it restored Mark's will to live.  She fought hard to make herself heard in writing to the wardens  and useless Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Klarich. 

Complaints were filed with Senators, the Office of the Inspector General and Dr.Rene Kanan, everyone up and down the ladder.  As far as I can see this activity did absolutely no good in the situation at all.

The UNION citizen's group full bore with promises of a picket and announcement of a press conference that we fully intend to have on Sept 7, a lawsuit which is definitely going forward, a feisty mother's attention to the problem 24/7 for four months, (not to mention the 14 years previous), calls to everyone responsible. There were two compassionate doctors who helped in this temporary rescue. 

Judge Henderson and the National Prison Commission were fully apprised of all the details of his ongoing abuse.  There was no base we didn't cover. 

Four months night and day of sick worry, stress, dollars spent on a lawsuit, effort that most people cannot afford.  Isn't this the most disgusting display on inhumanity and unbearable incompetence that you ever in  your life witnessed? 

All this to pull him to where he could be fed enough food and diabetes monitored, insulin administered and in the hospital. 

We are all totally exhausted and when you consider that there are tens of thousands in this same predicament of needing medical care, and it denied,  you wonder what the hell our world has come to that any mother would be treated in this fashion. 

Their parting remark "you probably won't be allowed to see him again" went to the core of  me. what a cruel thing to say to any family member of an inmate, especially one in terrible shape physically and mentally. 

I tell you heads are going to roll over this and what we are fighting for is not only the neglect and torture of Mark Grangetto but for every mother's child who has no one to pull out these kind of stops for them. 

Nora is eternally grateful to you all for your support and  looks forward to meeting you on September 7.  She isn't going to stop the lawsuit at this point.  Oh no.  It's way too late for that.  We believe he is finally getting fed and your heart can rest easier over this. 

Had I not had this feisty mother willing to hire a tough attorney and a couple of good doctors who cared, had I not had your participation in calling to put attention on Mark, none of this would have happened. 

It shouldn't be that only people who can file lawsuits will have proper management of diabetes and be saved from the cruelty of the SHU where they didn't belong in the first place. 

this could be you, maybe not today, but tomorrow.  And these battles are worth fighting for YOUR future because we are all connected and every legal case sets precedence for us all. 

The force it took for us to achieve basic care is appalling, I think I am beyond being shocked over everything but this was beyond anything I ever imagined could happen 

Heads are going to roll I tell you   I don't know how Nora stood up but she is feeling considerable relief today.  Without her fight nothing would have happened to save her son.  The participation of the families and their support is vital to the inmate's will to live and the battles to save their lives. 

Nobody has the luxury of sitting around crying when what is needed is battle. 

B. Cayenne Bird

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