Guard Assault Task Force

When the guard assault task force first began organizing out of CSP- LAC Lancaster, I put out a notice to all our UNION subscribers  that there was going to be even greater oppression.  This is a mafia within a mafia and the people most at risk are the mentally ill who predictably break under the severe psychological torture and act out their illnesses or should we just simply say SELF DEFENSE. 

Now, as I warned everyone, this group has raised enough money to hire lawyers (which is what we should have done to a much greater degree long ago) and there are 30 more lawsuits against inmates pending. If the inmate had any money, and the guard won (as you can see the inmates cannot even afford a proper defense and have zero representation) these funds would come from their family members. 

Their wives, children and parents who are already as crime victims suffering. They are permanently breaking inmates for the rest of their lives just to prove power and dominance. The most shocking case I've seen of those who have sought us out is that of George Jacobs who was beaten nearly to death at three prisons by guards and then falsely charged for "hitting" them. 

Sentences are extended by these kangaroo courts inside CDC and this guard assault task force is a strong force of evil intentions.  I want to know what you want to do about this before your loved one is set up and lied about, taken to court and destroyed financially for life, if there is anything left at all. Unfortunately, guard- inflicted injuries are not in the forefront of the medical neglect hearings, nor has Lancaster been investigated thoroughly yet.  I was able to tell Judge Henderson about my fears of the guard assault union but I did not have a chronology from Robin with me. You can see that these inmates have no lawyers and I'll venture a large percentage of them are black inmates.  Tell me how you think we should check this spreading disease of the guard assault task force? They can tell any story and it will be believed.

Los Angeles Daily News

Guard wins lawsuit
Judge: Prisoner at fault in injury

By Karen Maeshiro
Staff Writer 

Friday, June 10, 2005 - LANCASTER -- A Lancaster state prison correctional officer whose ankle was broken in a scuffle with an inmate has been awarded more than $250,400 in a civil lawsuit.

Stan Kuhn, a correctional sergeant, won the default judgment in his lawsuit against inmate Luis Gonzales, though it's unlikely that Kuhn will collect the entire amount.

"Every dime Mr. Gonzales gets, we'll be there to take," said Kuhn's attorney R. Rex Parris.

Kuhn's suit was part of a series of lawsuits that have been filed on behalf of correctional officers who say they were assaulted and injured by inmates.

Parris said his firm has pending lawsuits filed on behalf of 30 correctional officers in California and Arizona.

In March, another Lancaster correctional officer who was repeatedly kicked in the head by two inmates was awarded more than $10 million in a civil judgment.

"We are anxious to see if it results in a reduction of violence in prisons. It will be a year or two before we have an impact, but we anticipate an impact," Parris said.

Kuhn filed his lawsuit against Gonzales in 2004 for a Dec. 6, 2003, incident. Gonzales, 41, was in prison for convictions for false impersonation and attempted burglary.

Kuhn, in an earlier interview with the Daily News, said he was helping other officers escort Gonzales to a prison office. Gonzales, who was intoxicated, repeatedly attempted to pull away from the escorting staff.

During the struggle, the inmate and another staff member fell on Kuhn's right ankle, breaking it in three places, Kuhn said.

Kuhn still works at the Lancaster prison.

The default judgment was entered against Gonzales on May 27 after Kuhn's attorneys presented evidence and the judge found in favor of Kuhn, Parris said.

"(Gonzales) did file handwritten pleadings. He failed to comply with court rules so he was put in default," Parris said.

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