to fight Jessica's Law (Prop 83) and Future Threats!

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What are you doing to fight back for yourself and others? Are you thinking that lawyers, judges, or politicians will save you? You can't do a referendum campaign unless you help to work on it and recruit others to help. NO ONE GETS FREEDOM FOR FREE! Remember, Silence is deadly. Your enemies are never silent. That is how they hold the power over the criminal justice system, the legislators and your life.

You can either

1) Move out of California before you or your family members (especially teens) are put into prison or forced to wear a GPS device.


2) Fight back by organizing a voting group large enough to stop excessive laws like Prop 83 (Jessica's law).

a) 6500 people can elect or recall any politician; they can reverse by referendum and/or pass any law by the initiative process.

b) 6500 people can gather 200 signatures each for a total of 1.3 million signatures! This will qualify changes for the ballot. 6500 people can more easily donate money to finance campaigns against draconian laws such as proposition 83.

c) Use the democratic process to overcome repression! Write or email editors about the effects of Prop 83 on your life. Most of this can be done online anonymously. There are one million potential voters tied to CA sex offenders alone! Three million tied to a state prisoner! We outnumber everyone! If only we were voting.

Nobody else will do this for you. It's all up to you! There is strength in numbers. The U.N.I.O.N. is eight years old and addresses a variety of prison and mental health issues, but we need more funds and volunteers to achieve the 6500 workers to collect enough signatures within the 150 day period required to qualify bills for the ballot.

United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect
P.O. Box 340371
Sacramento, Ca. 95834
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Rev. B. Cayenne