United For No Injustice, Oppression, Or Neglect

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
and State Prison, Corcoran (SATF)

The UNION is currently supporting two lawsuits filed against Warden Derral Adams
and a number of doctors, nursing staff and prison guards for the long time medical
neglect and torture of Mark Grangetto.

The outcome of these lawsuits will affect every prisoner in California. A crowd is
needed in the Courtroom of Judge LaPorte on August 22, 2007 to show the judge.
jury, and media that people do care about prisoners and the medical neglect and
abuse routinely taking place at this facility.

We are also supporting another lawsuit K'napp vs. Adams and are waiting for the
trial date now.
Use the search engine at the top of theUNION Index page to research
the cases of Mark Grangetto and Eric K'napp s
o that you can help fill the courtrooms in solidarity.


 California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran (SATF)

CSATF Management Are They For Real or Just a Bad Dream - Word File

CSATF Management Are They For Real or Just a Bad Dream - PDF File

Here is the transcription of the letter posted in two formats at two links above.

CSATF Management -  Are they for Real or Just a Bad Dream?

For several  months now I have been actively involved with CCPOA and their dealings with CSATF Management regarding supervisory issues

Let me make it very clear, they are not concerned about your safety or mine.  Their only concern is that they save money on the backs of custody staff and whether or not you go home at the end of the day to your family is NOT their concern

They will tell you they may care, but just take a look at their actions when dealing with custody staff, unless you are one of the custody KIDS    It is appalling and a travesty that the Department of Corrections has allowed staff to promote to the level of Associate Warden (AW )and above when they have not attended the basic correctional officers' academy in Galt

The California Department of Corrections is the only law enforcement agency in the state that allows this to happen.  You will not find a chief of police, a sheriff, or a highway patrol commissioner that has not attended the basic POST Academy.  In those agencies, you cannot go from Cal Trans to Highway Patrol Commissioner or from Public Works to Chief of Police.

Here at CSATF,  AW's and above make and implement the policies and procedures that affect those of us working on the line without asking for any input from the staff it is going to affect. The problem with that thought process is they have never walked in our shoes.  and do not know anything about our job except what they have read somewhere.

Therefore, without asking for input from the staff it is going to affect, how do they know it is going to work or if there might be a better way to achieve the same results?  CSATF management only follows the policies and procedures they want, but expect and hold us accountable to follow all of them  Sounds like a Communist country doesn't it?

One would think that the Warden should be concerned about the safety and security of the institution, it's staff and inmates (i.e. race riots on F & G, inmates starving to death on D-yard or inmates being beaten to death on D  yard and C yard) but instead the warden is confronting custody staff about their appearance (facial hair and long hair) then he orders a supervisor to write the staff member up instead of doing it himself   In Warden Adams' "the sky is falling" it is obvious to see that it was authorized by a person who has never walked the line as a correctional peace officer.  Warden Adams states for the most part, we have a great group of professional supervisors who take pride in doing a good job.  I think what he meant to say, is all management supervisors' "KIDS" do as they're TOLD so they can keep their week-end or part of the week-end off to spend time with their families, unlike the rest of us!

Those of us that were here during the Fairman era thought that it could get no worse.  Were we ever so WRONG.  At first, things appeared to be going very well.  Mr. Duncan was our interim Warden, a man that had come up through the custody ranks, a breath of fresh air.  Mr. Duncan was very pro staff and was always touring the facilities and talking to all staff members.

Morale was at an all time high!!  Then came Warden Adams and his management staff (friends) from SQ, CTWF, WSP and MCSP.  Since their arrival at CSATF, the morale has done nothing but decline and is at an all time low 

In January of 2002, Sergeant Zinani wrote a LETTER OF NO CONFIDENCE regarding Warden Adams and his lack of leadership.  Sergeant Zinani was able to get hundreds of signatures from custody staff, custody supervisors, medical staff, maintenance staff and education staff.  Warden Adams and his managers AW and above demand respect and attempt to intimidate subordinate staff by raising their voice, pointing their fingers, and talking down to them.  Obviously Warden Adams and his managers have never heard the old saying one must lead by example but then sometimes it is hard to lead by example when you are not familiar with what you are trying to lead.  Warden Adams is what one could call a dictator in that it is his way or the highway.  Warden Adams obviously has NO concept on how to treat all of his employees fairly and with respect , but instead puts out letters bad-mouthing those staff that are trying to ensure that staff safety is the number one concern as well as improving morale through training and staff meetings.

We should all be working towards the same goal, going home at the end of our shift to our families.  All staff, to include officers, sergeants, lieutenants, CC-I's  and CC-II's must come together as one and stop allowing Warden Adams and his managers to place wedges between us, that could ultimately cause one of us to be seriously injured or MURDERED like officer Gonzales at CIM.  The nightmare continues!

R.K. Williams
Correctional Lieutenant
CCPOA Supervisory Job Steward


This is what I've been railing about, there has been numerous prisoner deaths at Corcoran SATF and other prisons in the Valley and the Fresno Bee hasn't been covering the news.  Maybe they didn't know but I believe that in many cases they did know.  The families of prisoners need to be writing letters to editors using their maiden names and inform the media of every death and insist it get mentioned 

Silence empowers the guards to maim and murder or cause inmates to be killed. 

Check out this shocking letter apparently written by one of the guards at this link sent in by one of our family members who is really on their toes 

This signed document mentions inmates being starved to death, beaten to death and race riots. I do not know if he is referring to recent or past events but we need to find out as that is all closed down out there.

A visit to the coroner's office needs to be made and all the deaths gathered from there for the past year. 

Starved to death

Beaten to death

this is all mismanagement and all due to the darkness and media ban which would immediately make such events a priority, at least the Los Angeles Times would not ignore this type of inhumanity.

Please find out for me the names of the inmates  who were beaten to death and starved to death described in this letter signed by Correctional Lt  RK Williams and any dates of race riots at CSATF 

letters to editors are vitally important to keep these deaths exposed to the public.  Where are the family members?

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