Published in the Salinas Californian

Prison visitation issue not overThank you for covering our protest in front of Salinas Valley State Prison and California Treatment Facility on Aug. 27. An important point needs correction: I was banned for six months from visiting my son who is in SVSP, not Lancaster as your article stated. One of the key targets of our protest was the many complaints against Visiting Sgt. K. Nuckles. Your story missed that entirely. When I attempted to visit my son on June 17, Nuckles alleged that I disrupted the visiting room. I simply had questioned the vague visiting policy that she arbitrarily and selectively enforces. I was wearing a conservative, black, three-piece suit, but was denied visitation because under the jacket was a tank top. I have worn this standard uniform of the clergy inside prisons, including SVSP, many times without a problem. We plan to file complaints on Nuckles with the Office of Internal Affairs and intend to report every instance of retaliation to everyone, including the news media. Rev. B. Cayenne BirdSacramento

August 27, 2006 - Salinas Valley State Prison Protest